I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in late 2021 with two tumours removed from my bowel. Unfortunately, it had spread to my liver and lungs, so I had 12 rounds of chemotherapy that helped with my liver but not with my lungs. I’ve had 5 further rounds but sadly the chemo wasn’t strong enough to blast the cancer so I am about to embark on a more intense chemo regime to give the cancer in my lungs the strong message that it is not welcome!

It won’t be easy and may mean the loss of my beautiful hair but it’s my ticket to good or better health and overall, it’s a small price to pay.

World Cancer Day, and the 5K Challenge, is about closing the gap and inequities in cancer care across all types of cancer. For bowel cancer in particular, it is the deadliest cancer for those aged 25-44 and bowel cancer patients have experienced some of the longest wait times for access to new treatments and also don’t receive the same level of support as those with other common cancers.

This needs to change, and we still have a long way to go.

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I decided to do 5k steps across a few days to raise awareness for bowel cancer and encourage donations to Bowel Cancer Australia. Since being diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer at 38 years old, I had my tumour removed including cancerous lymph nodes and am now undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy. 

I am still trying to walk longer distances so opted for 5k steps which in itself was a challenge for me given I average only 1500-2000 steps a day. I did some walking at home, at the beach and park with my kids and shared my progress on social media.

I was inspired to participate in the World Cancer Day 5K Challenge to: promote bowel cancer awareness in younger people; close the gap in inequities in cancer research funding; address the limited affordable treatment options being listed on the PBS; and advocate for Federal government funding specifically for Bowel Care Nurses.

I am passionate about supporting Bowel Cancer Australia because they do a lot of advocacy in the space. They offer great support which I have used myself such as the Bowel Care Nutritionist, the Facebook group, online webinars and a great community of young people sharing stories and providing inspiration.

BCA March 2023 Supporters in Action WCDay Rachel Banner

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“On the 14th of January 2020, I lost my best friend, father of my children, husband and idol to bowel cancer. Tony was 40 years old when he was diagnosed. Fit and full of life and love for flying, his family and friends. We never expected that what we thought to be food poisoning, or Crohn’s Disease, could actually end up being the other “C” word. Cancer. Stage 4 bowel cancer. Three years on and it’s still so hard to imagine this journey gets any easier.

‘Tee off for T’ is held in November of each year since his passing in honour of Tony and to raise awareness of this cruel disease and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia. Sadly, you are never too young! We hope that increased awareness may prevent other families suffering the heartache we continue to feel and that all funds raised, can ensure Bowel Cancer Australia continue the vital work they do.

The event has become such an important part of our families’ journey in so many ways. Primarily, honouring Tony and remembering what an amazing man he was and also contributing to a cause much bigger than ourselves and our family. That is preventing other families feeling heartache and loss at the hand of this cruel disease. We are so proud of what this event has become. We are proud of what we have raised and contributed to Bowel Cancer Australia and proud that on this day, we take a moment to remember who is missing from our lives and remind Tony’s family that no matter what time passes, he will never be forgotten.

The success of this event, a reminder to Tony’s two kids Lyla and Beau, just how special dad was to a community of people, some of whom they will not have even met. He made his mark, and now we will make sure it lives on.” Sally and the Hosken Family.

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“I chose Bowel Cancer Australia as the beneficiary for my Facebook Birthday Fundraiser in memory of my dad who passed away in July 2022. If I can help one family get the early treatment they need, then I know I’m making a difference!

I hope these much-needed funds continue to spread awareness, help families and research into this life changing disease.

My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to his liver by the time they found it. My dad had regular screenings and health checks with no known family history. He went to the doctor with no sign or symptoms of bowel cancer - six weeks later he went back to the doctor with a stomach pain and they found Stage 4 bowel cancer that had already spread to his liver and ultimately his stomach.

We were shocked and confused as there was nothing. Then six weeks later it was an aggressive cancer that ultimately took his life. I hope that with money raised that I can help make a difference and bring awareness about this awful disease.

I will not let this cancer own my dad and others that have passed before him. I hope with this money raised and funds continuing to being raised that we can rid bowel cancer and its nastiness!” ~ Steph.

If you were inspired by Steph's fundraising efforts and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a Facebook Fundraiser in celebration of your birthday further details are available here 

“8 years ago, my cousin Karen was first diagnosed with bowel cancer at 38 years old. She fought a brave fight but sadly passed away 4 days after she turned 40.

Turning 38 this year which is the same age as my cousin when she was diagnosed and time for my second colonoscopy, I decided for my birthday I would raise funds to shave my head. I work at a GP Practice in Port Macquarie NSW. We had collection boxes and an online donation page for everyone to contribute. In total we raised $2,576. I was not expecting to even raise a fraction of this amount and blessed with the amazing support of Dr’s staff and patients.

I hope this contributes toward Bowel Cancer Australia assisting with a cure and also for people on their own bowel cancer journey.” ~ Kylie.

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“Overall, it was a hugely successful event last year, it was beautiful to see the entire community come out and support such a great cause. I had so many people come and talk to me about their own family bowel cancer stories, and they were very thankful for the event we had put on.
Our daily bowel cancer facts also sparked a lot of conversation around bowel cancer which is exactly what we wanted it to do! I have a background in bowel and pancreatic cancer research, so I definitely understand the importance of eliminating the stigma surrounding the disease.
We set out to raise $2,000 and we far exceeded that thanks to the generosity of the community as well as the local businesses that got involved.
It was also beautiful to see all the love and support for the Kwan family, who were the reason we put this on in the first place.” ~ Ashleigh

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“Bowel cancer is very important to my family and to me. Like so many other families in Australia, we have had to deal with the loss of family members due to bowel cancer.

In May of 2016, my uncle (also my godfather) passed away due to bowel cancer at the age of 68. My family was heartbroken to first hear the news, then to go through it all with him.

From this, bowel cancer awareness and prevention has always been important to me. I do it to honour his life and story, and to make a change in the community.” ~ John.

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“In September 2021 we lost our brother Matt to bowel cancer. Matt was diagnosed in June 2021 and died three months later, just after his 39th birthday.

Always ready to help whoever needed a hand and always keen for a game of footy or weekend hunting, he led a very active lifestyle. Hearing Matt’s sudden diagnosis and prognosis was devastating to us all, especially Matt who still felt he had so much life left to live.

We are fundraising to try and make a change to this and raise awareness, so other families don’t have to go through what Matt and our family went through.

We will be riding on Honda CT10 postie bikes from Wilsons prom to Cape York and back, and have chosen postie bikes and this particular route, as both will be extremely challenging, particularly together in the proposed amount of time.

We wanted something hard, that tested our physical and mental strength and endurance.

Something to best represent the mental and physical challenges that Matt was faced with in his battle.

Matt was the strongest person we’ve ever known, he fought right up until the end and we want to represent that as best we can in this ride.” ~ David & Mark.

A very big thank you to David and Mark for spreading much needed awareness and raising over $17,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia whilst honouring Matt.

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“4th December 2015 a call that changed our lives forever, the shaky voice of my sister and best friend on the other end with the heart-breaking news.

‘I have Stage 4 bowel cancer, it has spread to my lungs and liver, its terminal, I love you.’

Angela Mary Hodge my amazingly strong, loving and ever thoughtful sister fought this disease with courage and determination. Not just for extra time with her husband, young son and close family and friends but also for her patients she cared for as a midwife and registered nurse. Ange had so much knowledge and love to give on a limited timeline.

She made sure everyone was ‘ok’ while she was hooked up to chemo and being buzzed with radiation knowing that it was us who will be left heart broken. She had personalised timber boxes made for all of us with handwritten letters, mementos, and gifts to cherish.

August 16th 2017 at the youthful age of 32 our Ange grew her wings in the peace and comfort of our family home. Holding hands and silently sobbing, a part of us was taken that day too.

We treated our time together as a precious gift, ticking off her bucket list and seeing that smile and hearing her infectious laugh. We created memories for her husband Kevin, young son Cooper, my children, my parents, my wife and I. Kevin and Cooper travelled Australia promoting bowel cancer awareness for young mothers and still are now ticking off her bucket list.

She wanted to never be forgotten and she never will, this year we will celebrate her 37th birthday with cake and champagne, laughter, and games.

Over the years I have fundraised for Bowel Cancer Australia but this year I took part in Dry July and City2Surf which Ange had asked me to do for her. I raised over $6,000 this year so far in hopes that awareness, prevention, and cure is available to those in need, so our story isn’t others story too.” ~ Aaron.

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"I completed my 8km river run on the 5th of June, 2022. I was definitely full of emotions on the day as this run meant so much to me.

I wanted to get across that finish line and do what I said I would do in support of bowel cancer patients and families, especially for my beautiful husband that had been diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer last year.

The heartbreaking news had hit me hard it and was the last thing we were expecting to hear considering my husband was only 34, young and healthy.

I wanted to do something to help and to raise awareness of young onset bowel cancer, if I could help at least one other person to know the symptoms and the importance of getting checked out, that was the least I could do.

I reached my $500 target in a few hours of posting my event, I ended up raising over $1,500.

I can’t thank those who donated enough for the support and help raise awareness about bowel cancer and the importance of early detection.

Please remember you are never to young and early detection is the key." ~ Mandy

0279 BCA August 2022 Mandy Welford 1520x320 Banner

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"In 2016, I had decided to grow my hair out , just to see how I would look and it was becoming trendy. I had always had the intention of cutting my hair off and donating it to make it into a wig.

After 6 years of growing my hair, it was finally time for it to be cut off.

My mum passed away from breast cancer when I was a kid, and she had to wear a wig, so I thought it would be nice to help out.

My grandfather passed away from bowel cancer, but that was before I was born, so I guess I still do have a connection with it. I selected to raise money for bowel cancer as I thought breast cancer already gets a lot of attention and donations compared to bowel cancer." ~ Kieran

A huge thank you to Kieran for raising over $7,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia in memory your mum.

0269 BCA July 2022 Kierans hair chop Web banner 1520x320

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“In June 2021, we got close to hosting a morning tea at Tamara's (Tom) friend’s house. Unfortunately due to one of the many lockdowns in Victoria the event was cancelled about 3 days before it was due.

Many of her family and friends kindly donated and also bought raffle tickets for some great prizes that were on offer (also provided by a network of caring friends).

Whilst our beautiful Tom passed away just over 4 months ago, her family were inspired to finish off the delayed event and contribute to Tom’s choice for donation of Bowel Cancer Australia. We held an evening at our friend’s house where about 35 of Tom’s family and friends got together for an evening to raise money in Tom’s honour.

All of us there plus the many that couldn’t make the night because of travel, other commitments and Covid, celebrated her, held a raffle, awarded some great prizes and raised $4,040 in her honour for Bowel Cancer Australia.

The evening ran with such a good spirit and vibe and everyone there was so happy to contribute to a cause that Tom supported. I know that she would be so proud that a night in her honour could raise in excess of $4,000.” ~ Darren (Tamara’s husband).

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On Friday 20th May we came together at Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club for our Never2Young Charity Golf Day in Memory of Glyn Trueman.

We had a full course for golf and a full house for lunch. It was a day Glyn would’ve loved. 

The weather on the day turned out to be excellent with no rain and little wind. After breakfast 96 excited golfers headed off to their tees for a shotgun start at 8.00.

The best Ambrose score of the day was 52.5 by team Bluegum (Brett Kellerman, Brendan Krone, Bryce Kellerman, Travis Kellerman). Runners Up were team Build the Man a Statue (Michael McClean, Brodie Symons, Aidan Wheeler, Jack Benbow).

Other prize winners included: nearest to the Pin - Brad McDonald, 7th hole.
Men's Longest Drive - Jack Benbow. Women's Longest Drive - Judy Schubert.
Best Dressed - team Build the Man a Statue (in custom polos for the event).

A highlight of the day was on the 3rd hole which was a par 5 where Jayde Herrick scored an Albatross.

Thank you to Peninsula Kingswood for hosting the day and giving us access to one of Australia’s best courses. ~ The Trueman Family.

In February 2021 Glyn Trueman, much-loved brother, dad, husband and son died at age 31 following a 3.5-year journey with bowel cancer. In honour of Glyn, the Trueman family hosted a Golf Day to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia's Never2Young campaign.

96 golfers played the course and 151 people were in attendance for lunch. With both a live and silent auction the day raised in total $32,537.

A very big thank you to The Trueman Family for hosting an incredible event and to everyone who supposed the event and helped to spread much needed awareness.

0329 BCA Feb 2023 Bron Trueman 1520x320 Banner

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“We lost our colleague, Marcus Champion, to bowel cancer in 2018 at the age of 35. Marcus was a much-loved PE teacher at Carnegie Primary School.

He brought the best out in everyone; his friends, his students, his personal training group, his colleagues, his wife, his two young daughters and pretty much anyone who had the privilege of spending time with him.

On Saturday mornings he would run his Elwood Park Run on his own, usually 5 or 10km, before taking his PT group. In 2019 we started Champs' Elwood Parkrun. A 5km run along the beach to celebrate his life and birthday, while raising money for Bowel Cancer Australia. His birthday is on ANZAC Day and we run this event in the afternoon of the 24th.

In the inaugural event in 2019 we raised $4,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia. Unfortunately, our 2020 event didn't go ahead due to COVID. In 2021 we were back and raised $7,609.

This year we had 171 registered runners and raised another $7,297 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Our course record was smashed by a whopping 1 min and 16 seconds, with David Hickox running an astonishing 17:30 for the 5km.

Champs was a big fan of having 'arms out moments', a time to stop, reflect, put your arms out wide and enjoy the special moments in life. So we make sure we take an 'arms out moment' photo at the completion of every event.” ~ Josh.

0321 BCA Jan 2023 Champs Elwood Parkrun 1520x320 Banner

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Jessica Kidd is a TV, radio and online journalist for ABC News in Sydney. Jessica has worked at the national broadcaster for 13 years, including as a NSW state political reporter and crime reporter. She has previously worked for the ABC's flagship radio current affairs programs; AM, PM and The World Today.

“17 years ago, my mum wrestled with bowel cancer. Our family witnessed firsthand the devastating toll on her as well as my father and all of us her children.

My mum, Alice showed tremendous courage and faith to deal with it while reassuring her love and care for us – this fundraiser is a token effort in memory of Alice.

I’m sure she would be hopeful this can help with the alarming statistics of too many people will be needing to deal with this aggressive type of cancer and prevent it for others.

Thanks for all of Bowel Cancer Australia’s work and support in this fundraiser.” ~ Peter

A very big thank you to Peter for raising over $1,800 for Bowel Cancer Australia in memory his mum, Alice.

0247 BCA May 2022 Peter Ling Web banner 1520x320

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Following their mum’s bowel cancer diagnosis, Sasha and Jordan decided to complete a run to fundraise for Bowel Cancer Australia to help the charity support the growing number of Australians affected by the disease and to spread awareness.

On 11th December, 2021, with the help of some family and friends, Jordan ran 21.1km and Sasha ran 10km, in honour of their mum Tamara (Tom). Together with their family and friends they raised over $11,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Raising funds for Bowel Cancer Australia is a cause dear to the family as Tom recently passed away from metastatic colorectal cancer after battling for over 18 months.

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"Too young to understand, my fondest memories shared with my uncle were those when he stayed at our house in his sickest moments. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy robbed him of lucious locks and energy to last the day, amongst many other cruel side effects, but it could never rob him of all his energy, to which he used his last ounces of to kick the footy with me in the back yard or imitate Glen McGrath as he bowled to me. We shared a bond with sport which was unbreakable, leaving a mark on my life which no words can do justice.

Sadly, although his 100% devotion to recovery, he lost his battle in 2006. Being a mad Sydney Swans supporter, I am still convinced the bloods pulled one out of the hat with the 2005 premiership, the happiest I’d ever seen him.

In 2018 cancer returned to our lives, this time being my father who was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Being the first day of year 12 for me, it’s amazing how quickly your priorities can flip when faced with cancer and you begin to fully appreciate those around you. He successfully defeated cancers first crack at dad and was in remission for 13 months. But cancer is relentlessly evil and returned as Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer in late 2019.

Dads’ strength shone through, making his fight look tireless and done with ease, to the point those closest around him took for granted and somewhat got complacent with the challenge at hand that cancer posed. In late 2021, we discovered his treatment is no longer proving effective in stabilising his condition and his cancer was sadly spreading further.

After experiencing first-hand the devastating impact this illness has, and watching him endure many gruelling rounds of chemo, I, along with my closest friends, hoped to do something small to help him and many others around Australia in the same position! We decided to run the Melbourne half marathon, initially with the goal to raise $1500.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the traction the fundraiser would receive and the support that would flood in from all walks of life.

We smashed our goal and were able to raise $13,694.25. This is an amount I know will go a long way in aiding research and helping the thousands of Australians each year who battle this disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story." ~ Marcel.

0240 BCA Apr 2022 Marcel Moran Web banner 1520x320

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“’You have bowel cancer.’ Four words I didn’t expect to hear at the age of 38. Those words instantly crippled me with anxiety, fear and sadness as I began a scary and unknown journey.

Thankfully, after many scans, ultrasounds, two major operations including a bowel resection, followed by months of bowel recovery, a year later I can happily say I am fully recovered, moving forward and living a healthy and normal life. My cancer was found early - I am one of the lucky ones.

I'm sharing this to raise awareness that you’re #never2young for bowel cancer and when found early is highly curable. Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer and is increasingly growing in younger people.

Thank you to my awesome brother Pat for pacing me, to my amazing friend / cousin / nutritionist Em for running alongside me, to my boys who ran and rode with me for the last few kms to the finish line, and to all who donated and showed me love and support, now and over the last year.” ~ Amelia.

Thanks to her amazing efforts, Amelia raised more than $8,500 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

0230 BCA Mar 2022 Amelia Mckie Web banner 1520x320

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“I’m 40, married with three kids. I’m 96kg, 180cm tall and can count on one hand how many times I have been to a doctor. On November 12 2021, after noticing a lump on my neck, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer.

Cancer was never on my radar; I have minimal family history and have luckily been healthy all of my life. A cancer diagnosis was a huge shock for me and my family. 12 November is a day I won’t forget, life changed forever,” says young-onset bowel cancer patient Shaun.

“Since being diagnosed I have learnt two critical things about bowel cancer. One is that bowel cancer can get anyone. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. I have been shocked at how many other young, otherwise heathy people have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. It can touch any family.

I have also learnt of the rapid improvements in treatment over the past 10 years. To put in bluntly my chances of cure 10 years ago would have been slim and my outlook very uncertain. Whilst there are still no guarantees new drugs and treatment methods have given me a good chance of remission or at the very least many more years with my family. That’s why fundraising is so important.

Research from fundraising has made a big difference in improving treatments to date and will make sure the 15,000 people diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, plus the 100’s of thousands already with cancer, have more time with their loved ones, better quality of life and the best chance of beating the big C,” Shaun adds.

Helping to spread the word that young people can be diagnosed with bowel cancer too, Shaun’s sister-in-law Leisha, family and friends have been doing a wonderful job fundraising more than $3,700 through Facebook in support of Bowel Cancer Australia since his diagnosis. With a chocolate fundraiser also ongoing.

0222 BCA Feb 2022 Leisha Goodwin Supporters in Action banner

If you were inspired by Shaun's story and would like to organise a Facebook Fundraiser as a fun way to raise awareness and much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia, check out our Facebook Fundraising webpage or get in touch with us through our webform

Veteran journalist, Mark Stevens was diagnosed with bowel Cancer in 2021, aged 50 after experiencing symptoms.

In memory of her dad, Katie chose to cut her lockdown locks to raise funds and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia.
"In late February this year, my beautiful dad Paul, was admitted to hospital. He was told by the oncologist that he had 3-6 months to live. We lost him five days later to an aggressive form of bowel cancer. 

"Nick Blight was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September 2020, a couple of months after his son Riley's first birthday. Sadly, after a brave 8-month battle, Nick passed away in May 2021 just days after his 35th birthday.

That’s when the Old Scotch Cricket Association stepped in. 

"In September 2021 I ran 10km in the Blackmores Sydney (Virtual) Running Festival to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia, in memory of my Dad, Tony.  

Dad was one of the fittest people I knew, he loved to run, and I did this for him!  

“Everyone has shown me and my family so much love and support, we wanted to give back in some small way.” ~ Jessie.
Diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer just over one month ago at the age of 35, Jessie Disalvo has been generously designing hats to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Raising funds and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia in memory of his father, Jamie chose to grow a beard and organised an event in his hometown of Whyalla.

Nyree, our daughter, was a fun loving and happy person who loved dressing up, especially for the children where she worked at Kaurna Plains Children's Centre.

Better That makes shopping better by giving back to good causes with every purchase and the best part is you get to choose who – including Bowel Cancer Australia!

Former Australian Golfer and now media personality Mark Allen wants to use his profile to help Bowel Cancer Australia raise awareness for Australia’s second deadliest cancer.

Helping ‘grow and develop’ Bowel Cancer Australia to it now being recognised as ‘The Voice’ in Australia in respect of bowel cancer, was identified by Penny Morris AM FAICD FAIA as one of the most rewarding aspects of being on the Bowel Cancer Australia Board.

Love Your Warrior is very excited to be supporting women with bowel cancer by fundraising for Bowel Cancer Australia's Kick Ass campaign, by donating $5 from any purchase of Paisley Luxe Seatbelt Pillows or Paisley Stylish Surgical Drain Bags to the charity.

It is amazing what best friends can achieve when they work together.

Following his diagnosis with Stage IV bowel cancer three years ago at age 32, Darren and his loved ones have passionately shared their story and experiences to raise much needed awareness that you are never too young to have bowel cancer and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“A little over a year ago, my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Although the news was devastating to hear, the strength, optimism, courage and determination of this person to continue the fight against cancer which I've witnessed has been inspiring to say the least,” said passionate Bowel Cancer Australia supporter Patrick.

Following his mum’s bowel cancer diagnosis, Patrick wanted to make a difference and support Bowel Cancer Australia.

Anton Enus is an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his career at the South African national broadcaster SABC, as a radio news reporter, and then moved on to become a parliamentary reporter, current affairs producer, TV news reporter and TV presenter, often anchoring the morning news show Good Morning South Africa.

“Starting a conversation about bowel cancer can be difficult,” said Amy Delugar, who lost her nana Valarie to the disease in October 2018.

Bowel Cancer Australia’s hair-raising fundraiser – Decembhair - encourages you to get hairy while raising awareness and funds to help beat bowel cancer.

John Eussen has used his long-standing and highly respected career in the design and lifestyle industry as a platform to help people not only improve their homes and personal brands, but also to improve their health.

John was only 14 when his mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer, the same disease that claimed the lives of his grandfather and both his grandfather’s brothers.

Diagnosed with ovarian and bowel cancer in 2018, Belinda has been focused on making every moment count with her children ever since.
The 50 year old single mum has two beautiful children, Jake 21 and Maddie 9 years old.

During the month of August two Directors at Harcourts Property Centre reinvented the concept of Shave for a Cure with their own initiative ‘Hairgust’.

Sam Devlin and Aaron Brooks committed to wearing professional wigs every day for the whole month, with the aim to raise $10,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia and Pancare.

Following his diagnosis in 2017, Brett took up running to help clear his mind and keep strong and fit.

Brett was due to participate in Run Melbourne this year, but due to COVID-19 the event was cancelled. So, he decided to complete his own virtual run, raising over $3,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Alison turned 50 this year and to celebrate she has set herself the challenge of running 50 kilometres solo at the Surf Coast Century Ultramarathon in Victoria to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“I lost my Dad to bowel cancer in 2004 aged 66, we were living in the UK at the time but ironically when we were told the news we were on a long holiday travelling around Australia.”

Australian sports presenter and entrepreneur, Erin Molan joined the Bowel Cancer Australia team as an Ambassador after her sister was diagnosed with the disease.
While a cancer diagnosis sends most people reeling, for Erin, the news that her sister was battling a disease more common in older people made it even more of a shock.

Ian Thatcher brings extensive professional experience as a global financial advisor to his role as a Director on the Bowel Cancer Research Foundation Australia Board.

A passionate believer in team-based pioneering to deliver breakthroughs, Ian found himself attracted to the charity’s commitment to leading-edge bowel cancer discoveries that have an everlasting impact on Australian health.

James Georgopoulos was a young and innovative farmer from Shepparton who dreamed of shaking up the industry.
In 2014, he began working with a nursery to create a pear unique in flavour and colour.
"He knew as a young farmer when he first came on board, we had to rejuvenate the pear industry,” said James' father, Chris Georgopoulos.

As co-founder and executive chairman of one of Australia’s largest consumer magazine publishing businesses, David Gardiner has turned unknown brands into household names.

But bowel cancer doesn’t discriminate, and despite his personal success, David was diagnosed with Australia’s second deadliest cancer at age 51.

Troy is a frequent ultramarathon runner, but this year he chose to run for a cause close to his heart.

“When I’ve run ultramarathons in the past my family and friends have asked why and what was I raising money for – I was doing it as a personal challenge. But this year I decided to use this event as a fundraiser for Bowel Cancer Australia, in honour of my brother Jason.”

Inspired by the commitment of patron Richard Penn to improving outcomes for people affected by bowel cancer, Gavin Fox-Smith joined Bowel Cancer Australia’s board in 2004.

“I’ve always believed in the mission,” said Gavin.

When Director Richard Griffin AM was in preparatory school, he was given some medical advice by the Matron: ‘Listen to your body and act on it.’

“She drilled into us that it was not “sissy” or “weak” to talk about one’s concerns with medical professionals,” says Richard.

That advice probably saved Richard’s life.

Sara and her family were all surprised when her stepfather, Rob Bosch, was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Rob was fit and healthy, but by the time the cancer was discovered it had already metastasised and was invading other parts of his body. He died at the young age of 50.

I joined the Bowel Cancer Australia Board for both professional and personal reasons.
I started my career as a physiotherapist and then joined consulting firm, Ernst & Young, as a graduate just over 20 years ago, where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and built my career as a Risk professional, advising clients on how to create trust and value through strong governance and risk management.

Following her diagnosis with bowel cancer in 2018, Christina wanted to use her love for creating quilts and patchwork to raise awareness and support Bowel Cancer Australia.

Helping to raise much-needed funds and awareness, Christina and her sister Berni held a quilt retrospective ‘Christina's Creations and Colon'.

Former Liberal MP Donna Hope (Bauer) thrived in the cut and thrust of local and then state politics, however a personal health challenge has provided new direction for her campaigning skills.

She has taken up the role of a Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador after her own experience of bowel cancer last year highlighted the important ongoing work required to raise community awareness about this largely preventable and treatable disease.

In what has become an annual event in loving memory of her brother Kenneth, Margaret has taken part in the Bowral Classic cycle since the inaugural event took place in October 2016, and has supported Bowel Cancer Australia on each occasion.

Losing her father, Graham, to bowel cancer at the age of 54, Lara Worthington has been a passionate supporter of Bowel Cancer Australia ever since.

Helping to raise awareness about the importance of early detection for this largely treatable and beatable disease.

One of the Grande dames of theatre, film and television Miriam Margolyes has taken on yet another challenging role as an Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia.

The British-born actress, who became an Australian citizen last year, continues to enjoy a varied and celebrated career since her first adventures in repertory theatre some 50 years ago.

Bowel Cancer Australia is incredibly lucky to have the ongoing support of Australian-owned beauty company, VIXIN.

“Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia and Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is an absolute must, but also an honour for my family and VIXIN,” says CEO and Founder Charmaine Maree Fay.

Respected Accredited Sports Dietitian, presenter, educator and author Julie Meek, has been passionate about raising bowel cancer awareness ever since her father was diagnosed with the disease. 

A familiar face to many as the long-standing national medical reporter for ABC, Sophie Scott understands a lot about staying healthy.

Her health reporting is broadcast regularly on ABC TV news and current affairs programs, on radio and online. 

Celebrity chef George Calombaris is getting out of the kitchen to take on Australia's second deadliest cancer, proudly supporting Bowel Cancer Australia.

Combining his culinary expertise and personal experience to highlight how healthy eating, lifestyle and awareness of family history can greatly reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer.

The Dalby Devils under 16’s rugby team took to the field in their red and green Bowel Cancer Australia branded jerseys during their cancer round to proudly show their support of the charity during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June.

It was a packed house at Eastbanks in Shepparton for the 2019 Biggest Ever Blokes Lunch, proudly supporting Bowel Cancer Australia and the charity’s Bowel Care Nurse Program.

Holbrook and District Fundraisers arranged a very creative community fun day in support of a variety of health charities including Bowel Cancer Australia, ‘Don’t Drop The Ball On Health’.

Cheran takes part in the Bridge to Brisbane every year, but she wanted to do something a bit differently for her latest marathon. Choosing to run for a cause this year, and what better charity than Bowel Cancer Australia.

Mt Gravatt Australian Football Club host a Ferg Reid Medal Day each year in memory of Ferg, a young player at the club who sadly passed away due to bowel cancer.

To honour Ferg and help raise awareness that you’re never too young to have bowel cancer, a Ferg Reid Medal is awarded to a player as part of the annual match.

When Fiona decided to run the City2Surf for the first time she asked her brothers, Christopher and Stephen, and nephews, Timothy and Ben to join her.

Aptly named “Bums on the run’ the family team signed up to take on the 14km fun run that incorporates ‘heartbreak hill’, all to raise awareness around bowel cancer and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

The Coles Store Support Centre was awash with a carnival atmosphere during the last Thursday of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month when the company’s ‘Splash for Cash’ took centre stage.

St Andrews Toowoomba Hospital central ward perform a lot of colorectal surgery, deciding they would like to celebrate what they do and raise much needed awareness for bowel cancer through a variety of fundraising activities during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Lawrence Penn Chair Professor Mark Molloy and his team at the Kolling Institute hosted a Red Apple Day morning tea to raise awareness of bowel cancer during June.

Double Bay Day Hospital participated in raising funds for Bowel Cancer Australia and awareness of the widespread nature of bowel cancer in our society for the charity’s annual Red Apple Day.

A hair–raising annual fundraiser hosted by Bowel Cancer Australia, Decembeard® Australia encourages men to grow a beard to raise awareness and much needed funds for bowel cancer.

Bowel Cancer Australia was excited to partner with charity challenge organisation Inspired Adventures to create a Bowel Cancer Australia team for the inaugural Hike for Health Great Wall of China trek in May 2019.

Long-time supporter Hollie hosted her much-looked-forward to ‘Back to Stool’ trivia night.

This year’s event celebrated the memory of her friend, and fellow bowel cancer Awareness Advocate, Gemma who passed away from bowel cancer in 2018 at the age of 29.

Tasmania-based jewellery brand Francesca dedicated their June Awareness Bracelet to Bowel Cancer Australia to help raise funds and awareness during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Pentana Solutions hosted a morning tea during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of Australia’s second deadliest cancer and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Inspired by the diagnosis of her best friend’s father with young-onset bowel cancer, Charlotte decided that she’d like to help make a difference and raise funds to support others like him.

Irrewarra-Beeac Football Netball Club’s desire to put bowel cancer in the spotlight gave one of the Bombers’ own a platform to share her story in a bid to help others this Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

With her Pa having been diagnosed with bowel cancer, Evie decided she wanted to fundraise for Bowel Cancer Australia to help the charity support the growing number of Australians affected by the disease.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2017, Julie started hosting charity events in support of Bowel Cancer Australia after being told she was in remission.

"Our great friend Marcus always brought out the best in everyone. His encouragement, support and belief in people made everyone be the best they could be. He was a much loved father, husband, teacher, friend and personal trainer. 

Inspired by friends who were training for a marathon and wanting to fulfil a long-held ambition, Jess and her husband Dean signed up for the Sydney Blackmores Half Marathon in support of Bowel Cancer Australia.

“We are a stone cast upon the water to try to create many ripples.”

After tragedy struck close to home for 11year old Tina (name changed on request), she decided to raise funds for a cause that meant a lot to her and her family – Bowel Cancer Australia.