“My partner Jason was a fit healthy 48-year-old. In the past 10 years he raced in endurance sports, ironman and ultra-trail marathons. He was the last person that anyone would ever think would lose his life to bowel cancer.

Life for our family was amazing but it was all ripped up in an instant when an ultrasound for a rib injury revealed a 2cm mass in his colon. He was still running park runs when it was found. His only other symptom was a slightly grumbly belly that he put down to a change in diet. He worked in the mines and fatigue was normal for him.

Jason loved life and adventure. From his diagnosis he never wanted to know time frames or prognosis. He didn’t want it to take away from living every day as fully as he could still. He remained hopeful and optimistic that he could beat his diagnosis right till the very end.

In his memory, his brother, a team and I completed two Ultra Marathons, both in the year he would have turned 50 which is also the current screening age. A 50km from the bush to Beach in Newcastle and then the 50km Ultra Trail Marathon in the Blue Mountains in September, fundraising close to $10,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

I also want to be a voice in fighting to change the perception that only those over 50 are diagnosed with bowel cancer. To fight for lowering the screening age. To improve the treatment options and support for younger families impacted by bowel cancer. Read Jason and Lucie’s full Bowel Cancer Story here.” ~ Lucie.

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If you were inspired by Lucie's amazing fundraising efforts and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform