“4th December 2015 a call that changed our lives forever, the shaky voice of my sister and best friend on the other end with the heart-breaking news.

‘I have Stage 4 bowel cancer, it has spread to my lungs and liver, its terminal, I love you.’

"In 2016, I had decided to grow my hair out , just to see how I would look and it was becoming trendy. I had always had the intention of cutting my hair off and donating it to make it into a wig.

After 6 years of growing my hair, it was finally time for it to be cut off.

In June 2021, we got close to hosting a morning tea at Tamara's (Tom) friend’s house to raise money in her honour for a cancer based charity. Unfortunately due to one of the many lockdowns in Victoria the event was cancelled about 3 days before it was due.

Many of her family and friends kindly donated and also bought raffle tickets for some great prizes that were on offer (also provided by a network of caring friends). 

Jessica Kidd is a TV, radio and online journalist for ABC News in Sydney. Jessica has worked at the national broadcaster for 13 years, including as a NSW state political reporter and crime reporter. She has previously worked for the ABC's flagship radio current affairs programs; AM, PM and The World Today.

A very big thank you to Peter, who braved a head shave to spread awareness of bowel cancer and to raise vital funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“17 years ago, my mum wrestled with bowel cancer. Our family witnessed firsthand the devastating toll on her as well as my father and all of us her children.

Following their mum’s bowel cancer diagnosis, Sasha and Jordan decided to complete a run to fundraise for Bowel Cancer Australia to help the charity support the growing number of Australians affected by the disease and to spread awareness.

"For you who is reading this, I am sure in some way or another you have been affected by the cruel beast of cancer. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, closer friend or maybe yourself, cancer creeps its way into people’s lives and takes you on a journey you wish never on your worst enemy. For me, cancer first introduced itself to me at the age of 3 when my closest uncle was diagnosed.

A very big thank you and warmest congratulations to Amelia, who ‘ran all over cancer’ and completed a 21.1km half marathon for those who have been touched by bowel cancer, to raise awareness within my community of bowel cancer and to raise vital funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“I’m 40, married with three kids. I’m 96kg, 180cm tall and can count on one hand how many times I have been to a doctor. On November 12 2021, after noticing a lump on my neck, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer.

Cancer was never on my radar; I have minimal family history and have luckily been healthy all of my life. A cancer diagnosis was a huge shock for me and my family. 12 November is a day I won’t forget, life changed forever,” says young-onset bowel cancer patient Shaun.