L'Hopital Burlesque hosted an extraordinary Burlesque charity event ‘A Prescription for Pleasure’ helping to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“We hosted L'Hopital Burlesque with a heartfelt commitment to Bowel Cancer Australia and in honour of our remarkable friend, Bec McMahon, who continually inspires us.

Our primary objectives were to amplify awareness about youth bowel cancer and to offer essential support for the future of those diagnosed.

With an enthusiastic audience of over 200 attendees and a contribution of $20,569 to Bowel Cancer Australia, we proudly achieved both of our goals.” – L’Hopital Burlesque Producers, Alex, Lauren, Indiana & Bec

A very big thank you to Alex, Lauren, Indiana & Bec for their incredible fundraising efforts, whilst spreading much needed awareness that you are Never2Young for bowel cancer.

If you were inspired by L’Hopital Burlesque's fundraising event and would like to raise much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser, get in touch with us through our webform.