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Graham Newstead AM -
Colorectal Surgeon

A/Prof Newstead AM holds privileges at the Prince of Wales Public and Private Hospitals, Sydney Children's Hospital, Royal Women's Hospital, St George Private Hospital and St Luke's Hospitals. Professor Newstead was founding Secretary, then President and subsequently Executive Director of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia & New Zealand.
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Dr Cameron Bell - Gastroenterologist

Dr Cameron Bell is the former Head of the Department of Gastroenterology at Royal North Shore Hospital and a Founding Director of Bowel Cancer Australia.
Dr Bell graduated from the University of Sydney in 1983.  After doctoral studies in the field of gastrointestinal physiology and inflammation at The Children's Hospital, Camperdown and the Gastrointestinal Research Group at the University of Calgary, he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Sydney in 1996.
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Julien Wiggins -
Chief Executive Officer

Being the CEO of a charity that is lean but ambitious is not just about governing from the top but involving yourself across all aspects of the organisation.
Whether it's advocacy efforts to give bowel cancer patients better access to effective treatments or screening options, keeping up to date with the latest news to share with our community or developing new campaigns and resources to fill information gaps, Julien's knowledge spans the bowel cancer spectrum.
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Claire Annear -
Community Engagement Manager

Claire Annear is the National Community Engagement Manager of Bowel Cancer Australia, a national charity with a vision to reduce incidence, death and suffering associated with bowel cancer through improved awareness, advocacy, education, support and research.
Ms Annear works with individuals, groups and organisations making it simple for them to engage with and support Bowel Cancer Australia's extensive programs and activities.
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Tammy Farrell -
Bowel Care Nurse

Ms Farrell is a registered nurse with a background in Intensive Care nursing (Prince of Wales Hospital; Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, UK; Cromwell Private Kensington, UK) Cardiac Catheteristation Lab nurse working as a Recovery, Scout and Scrub nurse for Angiograms, Angioplasties, Pacemaker & Defibrillator insertions (Eastern Heart, Prince of Wales).
Ms Farrell works as a member of Bowel Cancer Australia's patient services team providing information and support to patients newly diagnosed with bowel cancer and their families.
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Teresa Mitchell-Paterson - Bowel Care Nutritionist 

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson is qualified Nutritionist who holds a Masters of Health Science in Human Nutrition and is herself a bowel cancer survivor.  Ms Mitchell-Paterson is a member of Bowel Cancer Australia's patient services team.
Ms Mitchell-Paterson helps with practical advice on food choices during treatment and in recovery.
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Amanda Richardson -
Stomal Therapist

Amanda Richardson is a Stomal Therapist and a member of Bowel Cancer Australia's patient services team.
Ms Richardson is experienced in caring for people who have had surgical treatment for their bowel cancer and require a temporary or permanent ileostomy or colostomy.
Fear of living with 'a bag' is common in bowel cancer patients but can be significantly eased with the right advice and practical support.
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