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International research shows that people affected by bowel cancer face multiple nutritional challenges, including being unsure about what to eat, diarrhoea, appetite loss, and changes to taste and smell.

Yet they receive little or no nutritional information following diagnosis and treatment.

In a New Zealand study, 67.5% of participants did not receive any dietary advice during treatment.

In the UK, 69% of patients surveyed said they received no nutritional advice or support from their healthcare team throughout their diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment, including those with a stoma.

And in the Netherlands, 79% of bowel cancer patients surveyed said they received no dietary advice.

Australians also report going without vital nutritional advice and support.

Our uniquely qualified nutritionists, Teresa and Janet are helping to address that need by providing guidance that’s practical, sustainable and evidence based.

Having had bowel cancer herself, Teresa draws on her personal experience and professional training when helping patients rediscover their appetite for food, during treatment and in recovery.

“A diagnosis of bowel cancer will involve a change to diet and lifestyle. You may not be able to tolerate some of the foods you once enjoyed, and your new bowel habit might be hard to come to terms with,” says Teresa.

"Families, friends and carers also require support and practical advice to assist in meal preparation when caring for a bowel cancer patient," Janet added. 

Offering tailored nutritional support, Teresa and Janet can also assist with personalised menu planning and cooking tips, including how to modify your favourite recipes.



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