| Virtual events
Bowel Cancer Australia’s new Virtual Events combine fitness, fundraising and technology to help save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer. 
If you had planned to host a face-to-face fundraiser or participate in a large sporting event and are now unable to do so, virtual fundraising provides a great alternative.
Instead of cancelling your event, change it to a Virtual Event instead!
Whether participating as an individual or part of a team, our virtual events unite our community and create a digital network of enthusiastic fundraisers dedicated to helping beat bowel cancer. 
By joining others in a connected and supportive community, you can overcome the challenges of distance and isolation.
Our Virtual Fundraising pages allow you to keep track of your activity via your Fitbit or smartwatch and still participate in the even, from a distance, no matter where you are in the country.
Set yourself a personal fitness challenge and ask your family and friends to donate in support of a great cause. 
Even better, build a team, and participate together remotely - running on a treadmill, cycling at home on your trainer stand, doing push ups, chin ups, star jumps, burpees or space hopping. 
Create your Virtual Challenge online fundraising page as an individual or team now using Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise.   
 Ask us how you can digitise your fundraiser.  

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| Fitness tracking 
You can now seamlessly integrate your online fundraising page with your personal fitness device, to track your time spent exercising, steps taken, kilometres travelled, burpees completed and so on. 
Don’t have a Fitbit or smartwatch? No problem. You can also manually upload those numbers to your online fundraising page as you go. It's simple.
Please Note: only Everyday Hero currently allows for integrated fitness tracking. 

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| Burpees for bowel cancer 
Looking for a fun fitness challenge to complete in the comfort of your own home?  Sign up to our Burpees for Bowel Cancer challenge! 
Challenge yourself to complete a certain number of burpees every day, every week, or every month. Or commit to doing one burpee for every dollar donated by your supporters. 
Create your Burpees for Bowel Cancer online fundraising page now using Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise.

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| Create a Facebook Fundraiser
It's easy to create a fundraiser through Facebook, share it with friends and reach your goal.
Facebook helps you get started with their simple to follow Fundraising set-up tool, and gives you tips along the way to help you achieve your fundraising target.
Once you’ve created your Facebook Fundraiser you can seamlessly connect friends to your cause and gain supporters across Facebook, through invitations and sharing on your Facebook wall.
People can donate to your fundraiser via their smartphone in just a few clicks without even leaving Facebook, with all donations sent directly to Bowel Cancer Australia through the PayPal Giving Fund.
Simply click on the link, press the ’Select Nonprofit’ button, search for Bowel Cancer Australia and then follow the prompts.
Please Note: Bowel Cancer Australia doesn’t receive a notification every time someone creates a Facebook fundraiser. We love to thank our passionate supporters and share their stories. So that we may promote and share your fundraiser, please send us an email or message us on Facebook @BowelCancerAustralia to let us know about your much appreciated Facebook Fundraising efforts.

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