Bowel Cancer Australia is a campaign beneficiary for the 2021 Dry July campaign. 
Sign up to the Dry July challenge and go alcohol-free for 31 days to help us raise funds for people affected by cancer.
The good news is Dry July proceeds will benefit Bowel Cancer Australia and support our mission to have an everlasting impact where no Australian dies from bowel cancer and all those diagnosed receive the support they need.

We’d love you to sign up to the challenge and raise vital funds for people affected by bowel cancer, who need us now, more than ever.

How it works:
  • Sign up here and select Bowel Cancer Australia as your charity beneficiary.
  • Go alcohol free in July.
  • Ask family, friends and workmates to sponsor you.
  • Help people affected by bowel cancer.

What we’re raising funds for:

Bowel Cancer Australia’s 2021 Dry July team is raising funds to employ Australia's first dedicated Bowel Cancer Care Oncology Social Worker.
With expertise in intensive care, oncology and stomal therapy, Bowel Cancer Australia’s friendly Bowel Care Nurses and Nutritionists provide telenursing and telenutrition support nationwide to patients, family, friends, and concerned members of the community.
The addition of a Bowel Cancer Care Oncology Social Worker to the team will provide further cancer-focused support to the growing number of Australians affected by bowel cancer. Helping to reduce anxiety and distress, and increase feelings of hope and empowerment, by assisting patients in learning new ways of coping, providing practical information about available resources in their community, and improving communication with their medical team and loved ones.
Please note all funds raised will be remitted to Bowel Cancer Australia through the 2021 Dry July grants program.

Once you've signed up, you will get your very own unique profile page to share with friends and family to receive donations.

Sign up support people affected by bowel cancer today!

Dry July

Bowel cancer risk increases significantly when two or more alcoholic drinks are consumed per day. If you choose to drink alcohol, limit the amount. Almost 1 in 5 Australian adults (18%) consume more than 2 standard drinks per day. 
Please Note: Dry July is a fundraising campaign aimed at challenging social drinkers to change their habits for a month and make some healthy lifestyle changes. We would encourage people to drink responsibly and stick to the recommended daily guidelines for the rest of the year. We advise heavy drinkers or people dependent on alcohol to speak with their GP before signing up to Dry July.

Dry July Bowel Care Nurse Tammy
Despite being the third most diagnosed cancer, bowel cancer patients don’t receive the same level of support as other common cancers.
Described as a 'lifeline' by patients and their loved ones, Bowel Cancer Australia’s telenursing service is addressing this gap, enabling equity of access to personalised care and tailored support nationwide.
Since 2010, Bowel Cancer Australia’s Bowel Care Nurses and Nutritionists have been offering telenursing and telenutrition support for patients and loved ones through the charity’s Helpline and Peer-to-Peer Support Network.
Thanks to a grant from the Dry July Foundation, Bowel Cancer Australia has been able to expand our Bowel Care Nurse Program through the addition of another part-time Bowel Care Nurse to join our nationwide telenursing service to assist in the rollout and implementation of our patient-reported outcomes online tool.
A registered nurse with specialist knowledge and experience caring for patients with bowel cancer, and having recently returned from a period nursing in a regional hospital, Bowel Cancer Australia is pleased Tammy was able to re-join our Bowel Care Nursing team.
Tammy will serve as a constant, dedicated point of contact for the many bowel cancer patients who utilise the charity’s telenursing service, offering support during and after treatment. As well as assisting patients, family, friends, and concerned members of the community by answering questions about bowel symptoms, treatment options, or how to support a loved one affected by the disease.
“Bowel cancer patients are often faced with unique challenges and their journey can vary greatly from other cancers. Leading many to believe they have ‘the wrong cancer’,” says Tammy.
Thanks to the Dry July Foundation’s support we can put more bowel cancer patients and loved one in touch with a Bowel Care Nurse, where they can receive specialist support from Tammy or one of the team.
“No one need go through bowel cancer alone,” Tammy said. 

Lived Experience Booklets
Bowel Cancer Australia is committed to supporting individuals and their families through all stages of their journey, working hard to ensure every bowel cancer patient receives the support they need.
Talking to and reading about the experiences of another person who has been through bowel cancer, or who is going through a similar situation, can be enormously valuable and reassuring.
A key element of Bowel Cancer Australia’s Peer-to-Peer Support Network and dynamic awareness campaigns is the writing and sharing of one’s personal story.
Not only are there proven benefits to emotional wellbeing in taking the time to write about your experiences, reading about the experience of others can also be incredibly beneficial. Assisting patients with making difficult decisions during their treatment, offering hope and solace.
We call these ‘Lived Experience Stories’.
Thanks to a grant from the Dry July Foundation in 2019-20, Bowel Cancer Australia has been able to expand upon our Bowel Cancer Stories and create a series of seven Lived-Experience booklets.
The booklets have been designed specifically for people who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer, their family and friends. Offering insight into how bowel cancer can affect your body, emotions, relationships and daily life, through the personal experiences of others diagnosed with the disease and their loved ones.
A very warm thank you to the Dry July Foundation and all the passionate Bowel Cancer Awareness Advocates who have shared their empowering lived experiences for these unique booklets - helping to raise much needed awareness, support people living with or beyond bowel cancer and their loved ones, and to encourage others to share their personal stories too.
Click here to view the Lived Experiences booklets.

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