The Australian Cancer Consumer Network (ACCN) was launched at Parliament House in November 2014, forming the first time an umbrella organisation to represent cancer consumer groups.
The ACCN unites 30 cancer consumer groups for a bigger voice as well as to share information, experiences and action techniques. It is facilitated by Cancer Voices Australia.
The ACCN can speak to decision-makers with one voice when necessary, especially in a time of increasing pressures on our health system, greater need than ever before to access treatments for people with cancer.

We are not all the same

Within the ACCN there are a range of groups: some for specific cancers, others generic, and with varying kinds of consumer governance, representation and independence. Some offer information, some support, some advocacy through the consumer view, some promote awareness and some do all these things. We decided to be as inclusive as possible, while asking entrants to note these differences.

Groups range from fully independent 100% volunteer cancer consumer groups with no government or industry funding and whose key purpose is advocacy for people affected by cancer. Some other independent groups have more traditional corporate structures and may receive government funding for projects and actively raise their own funds.

Other models are found in the charitable cancer organisations, foundations and some research institutes which have set up Consumer Advisory Groups for advice on their own information, support, research and advocacy. Sources of funding may also be useful to know: is the consumer group or parent organisation supported by community donors, by government or industry funding and to what extent.

Australian Cancer Consumer Network


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