Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, engagements and family celebrations can be marked by a donation to Bowel Cancer Australia in lieu of flowers or traditional gifts, in the hope that more families can stay together longer and celebrate their special occasions together.

You can elect to have Bowel Cancer Australia notify the recipient of your kind gesture via an acknowledgment letter (please note: donation amounts are not disclosed).

Please contact us on 02 9735 3650 or 1800 727 336 to make your in celebration donation for bowel cancer or make an online in-celebration donation here.

Thank you cards, donation envelopes and apple ribbons
Thank you cards, donation envelopes and apple ribbons can be made available for events.

Complimentary thank you cards (9cm x 5cm) are also provided for celebrations, and include the wording: "Thank you for celebrating this special occasion. A gift has been made on your behalf to Bowel Cancer Australia. It’s a gift of hope for the future, where more families can stay together for longer and celebrate special days like this one."

To request donation envelopes, thank you cards and apple ribbons for your celebration please complete the request form at the bottom of this page.

We will be in touch within 24hrs (or next business day for weekends) to discuss your order. If you would like to speak to us directly, phone 1800 727 336.

Online celebration pages

Online celebration pages, supporting Bowel Cancer Australia, can be created to celebrate your special occasion.

Using the Bowel Cancer Australia Go Fundraise, My Cause JustGiving or GiveNow websites you can create your own in celebration webpage and invite friends and relatives to make a donation to bowel cancer in place of gifts.

Create an online fundraising page supporting Bowel Cancer Australia via Go Fundraise.
Create an online fundraising page supporting Bowel Cancer Australia via MyCause.
 Create an online fundraising page supporting Bowel Cancer Australia via JustGiving.
 Create an online fundraising page supporting Bowel Cancer Australia via GiveNow.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser
It's easy to create a fundraiser through Facebook for your upcoming birthday or celebration, share it with friends and reach your goal.
Facebook helps you get started with their simple to follow Fundraising set-up tool, and gives you tips along the way to help you achieve your fundraising target.
Once you’ve created your Facebook Fundraiser you can seamlessly connect friends to your cause and gain supporters across Facebook, through invitations and sharing on your Facebook wall.
Request donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, anniversary, engagement, or other celebration and ask all your Facebook friends to make a contribution.
People can donate to your fundraiser via their smartphone in just a few clicks without even leaving Facebook, with all donations sent directly to Bowel Cancer Australia through the PayPal Giving Fund.
Simply click on the link, press the ’Select Nonprofit’ button, search for Bowel Cancer Australia and then follow the prompts.

Please Note: Bowel Cancer Australia doesn’t receive a notification every time someone creates a Facebook fundraiser. We love to thank our passionate supporters and share their stories. So that we may promote and share your fundraiser, please send us an email or message us on Facebook @BowelCancerAustralia to let us know about your much appreciated Facebook Fundraising efforts.

One Gift Wonder
Create an online fundraising page via One Gift Wonder and invite your guests to contribute towards one gift for your loved one while also supporting Bowel Cancer Australia.

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