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Grow a beard and help beat bowel cancer
December is Decembeard for Bowel Cancer Australia.
A hair-raising fundraiser Decembeard encourages men to grow a beard or some chin stubble to raise awareness and much needed funds for bowel cancer.
So why not challenge yourself to grow a beard for the month of December (‘Decembeard’) or November (‘Novembeard’) - even better, let your face fur flow for the full final two months of 2020.
No matter when you join the beardwagon, you’ll still be raising much needed funds for people affected by bowel cancer, who need your support now, more than ever.
Beards aren't just for hipsters, grandpas, men that ride motorbikes or people that are too lazy to shave. Anyone can help make real change happen. All you need to do is grow a beard or some chin stubble and promote your facial hair to raise awareness and funds for Australia’s second biggest cancer killer - bowel cancer.
Women and children are also encouraged to take part in Decembeard by making or faking a beard and encouraging their fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, partners and male friends to find out about bowel cancer and grow a beard for Decembeard!
Decembeard's goal is to have a lasting impact on our health future - where no one dies of bowel cancer and all those diagnosed receive the support they need.
Register now and start making a difference at Decembeard Australia.
Decembeard Grow a Beard
Get involved 
This December grow a beard, raise funds and help beat bowel cancer.
Choose from one of the beardy options below and register now to start making a difference!
  • Grow a beard - No beard and ready to grow?
  • Challenge your beard - Already a face fur connoisseur?
  • Raise awareness of bowel cancer - Natural facial fuzz beyond you?

| Sign up to grow a beard
Ready to grow? Sign up online for Decembeard Australia.
Create your own individual or team Decembeard Australia webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to make an online donation to Bowel Cancer Australia in support of your facial hair fundraiser.
Simply create a profile, set your target, add a picture and blurb about why you’re growing a beard for Decembeard, and you’re good to go!
Each Decembeard Australia fundraising page has its own unique website link, which you can include in your promotional posters/flyers, send via email or post to your social networking sites to invite your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances and anyone else you can think of to donate.
Every online donation is recorded on your Decembeard Australia fundraising page along with any special messages from your supporters.
Receipts are also issued to the donor automatically, so that means no 'handling money' for you, and no time spent by us issuing receipts or paying for postage.
Sound good?! Visit Decembeard Australia now to register and start fundraising.
Read our top tips for Decembeard fundraisers.
Decembeard Challenge your Beard
| Challenge your beard: for the 'already bearded'
Already have a beard but still want to get involved? Hold on to your cheek curls and check out these challenges for some chinspiration!
  • Inspire your friends: Are your mates always tugging at your beard? Get them involved by creating a Decembeard team and make yourself the captain! Share your beard experience and fundraise together.
  • Get decorative: Dye, decorate or shave your precious face fur and create something amazing! Invite your family and friends to help and donate to the cause.
  • Beard of your choice: Hold a fundraising event such as beard match, gig or fancy dress. Ask people to donate to get involved in the activities.
Sign up online for a Decembeard Australia Beard Challenge now.

Decembeard Facebook Frame
| A Virtual Decembeard

Add a virtual Decembeard to your Facebook profile picture and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

To activate the frame on your profile simply go to your Facebook page, then click on your profile picture.

  • For mobile click 'Add Frame', search for Decembeard and press 'Save'.

  • For desktop click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Add Frame’, search for Decembeard and press 'Save'.

Once added, you can save a copy of the new profile picture and use it to update any of your other Social Media profiles.

Decembeard Me My Beard
Me, My Decembeard and Why
A number of men living with or beyond bowel cancer and their loved ones have shared their empowering stories, you can read their Me, My Decembeard and Why stories on our bowel cancer stories webpage.
Would you like to share your bowel cancer story to help raise awarness? We want to hear from you. Sharing stories and lived-experiences can encourage and inspire others and can be a valuable resource for other patients and loved ones. Click here to share your story.
Everyone can raise awareness of bowel cancer this Decembeard
Women and children are also encouraged to take part in Decembeard Australia by making or faking a beard, hosting a Decembeard themed fundraiser, and encouraging their fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, partners and male friends to find out about bowel cancer and grow some facial hair for Decembeard!
We’re seeking your support. Inspire your family and friends to get involved by making or faking some facial hair, or sponsor someone who is growing a beard at Decembeard Australia.

Decembeard Christmas Party
| Throw Beardtastic Christmas Party
Real beards. Fake beards. Made beards. Baked beards. And of course, Santa Beards. Beards really are the perfect addition to the holiday season and any end of year celebration!
Help Bowel Cancer Australia spread the important bowel cancer awareness message to your colleagues and local community, while raising much needed funds to help beat bowel cancer.
Get everyone on the beardwagon! Speak with your workplace or local club about including a Decembeard theme as part of this year’s end-of-year celebration, raffle a festive hamper or collect gold coin donations at your Christmas Party.
  • Grow beards: Create a Decembeard online fundraising team.
  • Bake beards: Hold a beard themed morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch or bake-off.
  • Challenge your beards: Host a ‘best beard’ competition or festive themed quiz event.
  • Beard the boss: Challenge your boss to dress with a beard for a day.
  • Dress with beards: Organise a festive casual clothes day or dress-up day.
  • Fake beards: Download our beard templates and encourage entries for the ‘most creative selfie photo’.
  • Gift of beards: Give the standard Kris Kringle a miss this year and encourage charitable donations instead.
  • Match my beard: Speak to your employer about matching your Decembeard donations, many organisations do.
Even with a simple gold coin donation from each of your colleagues or team-mates, you’ll be surprised at how the funds add up!
Download our Beardtastic Christmas Party Poster now from the Decembeard resources webpage to get started.

Please read our fundraising guidelines and submit a fundraising proposal.
Please Note: If you are planning to do online fundraising ONLY, there's no need to complete the a proposal, simply sign up online and you're good to go!

Decembeard Grow a Beard
| Fundraising tips
  • Share your me, my beard and why story: personal stories are the most powerful of all, so be sure to send us your bowel cancer story to help raise awareness. Whether you are living with bowel cancer, beyond bowel cancer or are supporting someone who is, we want to hear from you! Can't grow a beard?! You can still share your Me, Decembeard and Why story. Click here to share your story.
  • Be social: post your fundraiser details on your social media pages. Remember to include the campaign hash tags #DecembeardAU to tag @DecembeardAU on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram into all your posts so that we can share/re-tweet.
  • Create: make a poster or flyer about your fundraising and distribute them around your workplace or local community (be sure to receive the appropriate charity/company/council approvals first). Poster templates are available for download from Bowel Cancer Australia's online shop. Contact your local newspaper to see if they will feature your story and fundraising efforts in the next edition.
  • Work it: ask your HR department if they can put a posting about your fundraising on the company intranet or in the company newsletter. Investigate if your employer matches charity donations (many large and/or community conscious organisations do). Hold a Decembeard themed End-of-Year Function or Christmas party at your workplace – to help we’ve created a Christmas Party Poster that you can download from the Decembeard Australia Resources webpage.
  • Show progress: share your progress photos on your fundraising page to let everyone know how your face fur is growing. Giving updates on your fundraising page will allow you to keep your donors informed on how your fundraising efforts are going.
  • Shave the date : hold a ‘Shave the date’ event at the end of December / beginning of January to celebrate your fundraising effort throughout Decembeard. It is also an opportunity to get some last minute donations from family and friends who may not have already supported your fundraising efforts.
  • Break it down: if you have a larger overall target - break your fundraising down into achievable bite-sized chunks (For example: sponsorship from friends and family - $450, beard themed Trivia Night with your buddies - $150, Gold coin donations at your work Christmas Party - $200, Company Match Giving - $200. $1000 reached!).
  • Give thanks: be sure to thank all your donors and sponsors, tell them why their support is so important and how their donation will help.

Decembeard Grow a Beard



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