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Bowel Care Nurses - providing telenursing support nationwide  
With expertise in intensive care, oncology and stomal therapy, Bowel Cancer Australia’s friendly nurses assist patients, family, friends, and concerned members of the community.
Whether your questions relate to bowel symptoms, treatment options, or how to support someone you love affected by the disease, we’re here to help.
Our medically trained nurses serve as a constant, dedicated point of contact throughout a patient’s care. Offering support during and after treatment, they add an extra layer of support to the trusted relationship patients have with their treating medical team.
Despite being the third most diagnosed cancer, bowel cancer patients don’t receive the same level of support as other common cancers.
Described as a 'lifeline' by patients and their loved ones, Bowel Cancer Australia’s telenursing service is addressing this gap, enabling equity of access to personalised care and tailored support nationwide.
Bowel Cancer Australia also helps fund bowel care nurses who act as a point of contact for bowel cancer patients and their families as they navigate the health system – providing advice, education, support and direct patient care to the regional communities of Shepparton, Victoria and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Stoma Nurse
Bowel Cancer Australia's Stoma Nurses are experienced in caring for people who have had surgical treatment for their bowel cancer and require a temporary or permanent ileostomy or colostomy.
Fear of living with 'a bag' is common in bowel cancer patients but can be significantly eased with the right advice and practical support. Our Stoma Nurses can provide pre- and post-operative support and advice on what to expect if this operation is being considered. They can also assist with questions regarding stoma care and management, and stoma reversal.
Our Stoma Nurses and Nutritionists work together to offer practical dietary advice for people living with an ileostomy or colostomy.

Support for You

You can email Bowel Cancer Australia's Bowel Care Nurses any time for advice.  

Please send your questions using the form below and you will receive a response within 5 working days. 

Alternatively, please call Bowel Cancer Australia's Helpline on 1800 727 336. 

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