“In November 2014, at just the age of 39yrs young, our Mum (Karen) was admitted to immediate emergency surgery to remove a mass growth which was close to rupturing on her bowel. At the time, mum had been pushing for answers for over 2 years, then this particular weekend visited our local ED 3 times, only to be sent away as ‘severely constipated’ due to her ‘young age’.

Following mum’s surgery, she underwent six months of on and off chemotherapy to minimise any remaining cancer cells and reduce the risk of them returning. After 22months of remission (‘cancer-free’), mum’s cancer had returned to other areas of her body (secondary bowel cancer). Over 7 years, mum underwent a total of 123 chemotherapy treatments, 4 radiation treatments and wore a pump majority of her days even when she wasn’t at Oncology so she could still have chemo going through her.

All whilst working full time still, playing netball still at one point, and holding down a home for her husband and four beautiful children. Mum underwent every type of chemo drug compatible with her cancer, including trials and new releases.

Unfortunately, in August 2021 (after meeting her first grandson and learning she had a granddaughter on the way) the cancer had taken over mum’s body and mum was given a prognosis of three months left. In November 2021, after 7 long years of fighting and battling, mum decided it was time to rest, surrounded by family.

My siblings and I created a Facebook Page; ‘The Lawrence Kids Supporting Bowel Cancer Awareness Month’ to raise awareness and funds and connect with a greater audience. Not only do we hold an annual bake sale (first one started in 2019) at our local netball courts each year, but we also use the page to raise awareness and share facts regarding all thing’s bowel cancer. In the past (2020) I have also dyed my (very very long) blonde hair to green as a motif for people to donate (green being one of Bowel Cancer Australia’s colours).

Our 2022 fundraiser reached $10,000! We have also just received the Young Volunteers of the Year Award at the 2023 Australia Day Awards in our local Kempsey Shire.” ~ Brooklyn and ‘The Lawrence Kids’.

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If you were inspired by The Lawrence Kids amazing fundraising efforts and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform