"I'm taking part in Dry July to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia for a few reasons, but mainly to honour my Oma (grandma), Mary.

My Oma and Opa moved into our backyard to live in a Granny Flat over 20 years ago, when I was a still a teenager. My Oma was very close to myself and my two sisters. Oma was vivacious, traditional and loved her three granddaughters very much. I have wonderful and fun memories of Oma; from her scraping and saving to buy myself and my sisters our first Cabbage Patch Doll; to having conversations about life on the swing outside her flat, to her yelling my father's surname to get his attention as she strode purposely up the long backyard to our house; to her proudly announcing my acceptance into University by storming into the kitchen, waving the newspaper announcement excitedly around.

Oma was the first person I had deeply loved who had passed away. I remember seeing her body and thinking that it wasn't her, it looked like her but there was something not quite right. I remember sitting outside with her before she passed and her been so selflessly worried about how Opa would cope without her; and not her fear of dying. The grief my family and I felt after she passed was unimaginable.

I hope my small fundraising amount (around $1,500 at present) and the memory of my beautiful Oma will help raise awareness and help those in need fight this terrible disease." ~ Alicia.

If you were inspired by Alicia's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through Dry July further details are available here.