“It was a fantastic experience fundraising throughout June. In total I raised $1250, which exceeded my expectations! I think people were incentivised by the promise to match every dollar with one burpee (haha!). It was truly touching to see the people in my life rally around a cause that they know is so close to home for me and my family. I completed most of the burpees in my local gym (Fitstop Ashgrove).⁠

I had so many people checking in with me to see how the burpees were going as they saw me completing them before and after classes - even better that it got people talking about Bowel Cancer and the way it impacts people's lives. ⁠

After suffering IBS symptoms (and attributing it to a gluten intolerance) for many years, my mum was sent for a routine colonoscopy by her GP. She woke up to the news that she had stage 3 bowel cancer, the tumour had likely been growing for at least 8+ years and if mum had left it any longer, her prognosis likely would have been very different. ⁠

Mum is a prime example that early diagnosis is so important. We are so grateful that Bowel Cancer Australia is promoting this message.” ~ Maya.⁠

If you were inspired by Maya's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser, get in touch with us through our webform.