Here is a photo of my dad, Greagh, with all of his grandchildren taken in March this year. Little did we know our worlds would turn upside down less than 6 months later. 

I created a Facebook Fundraising page in loving memory of my dad, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in August and, heartbreakingly, passed away just six weeks later (17/09/2023). His journey was brief, but his impact on our lives was immeasurable.

My dad's battle with cancer highlighted the urgency of the need for advancements in cancer research, prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and support for families who are caring for their loved ones. Bowel Cancer Australia is an organisation that is close to my heart, and I believe what you are doing is invaluable work in these critical areas. I hope that much-needed funds continue to be invested in the fight against bowel cancer so that breakthroughs in research can advance treatment and early detection.

By fundraising, I want to honour my dad’s strength, resilience and unwavering love and I hope that the funds can make a positive impact and bring hope to others who are facing similar challenges.” ~ Jean.

If you were inspired by Jean's fundraising efforts and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a Facebook Fundraiser, details are available here.