“Lil came up with the idea three years ago when dad (her Grandy) had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. She was only 11 at the time and didn’t really know what to do but she wanted to help. She loves running, so Lily’s Mission was born.

At the time it was just a run walk event of 50km, but it’s grown so much bigger in that time! Our supporters are now family.

Lily’s Mission 2023 was the most magical day! The town really did come out and support us, we are still speechless. I was extremely emotional once it came time to shave, but my beautiful dad who has bowel cancer got to shave my head which was pretty special.

Here are photos of our Lily running her 50km, the Lily’s Mission team, and me getting my head shaved by dad.” ~ Sophie (Lily and the Lily’s Mission team).

Lily Sophie P

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