“I chose to have a bowel cancer fundraiser in lieu of gifts for my birthday as my mum was diagnosed in late 2022 and underwent surgery in early 2023 to remove the cancerous tissues. Thankfully we were lucky enough to catch it early. However, mum was the second person in our family to be diagnosed and this has now created a pattern for our wider family. My mother’s siblings also underwent colonoscopy procedures, on my mum and her surgeon’s advice, and pre-cancerous tissues were found in their tests as well. As with many cancers, catching it early is key and the professional and passionate treatment mum received from her GP, surgeons and all the fabulous nurses in between meant the absolute world to us. Mum will be here to see a couple more generations of our family now.” ~ Samantha.

If you were inspired by Samantha's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through an In Celebration Facebook Fundraiser, details are available here.