“I signed myself up for the FULL Sydney Marathon helping to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia - A cause that is very close to my heart.⁠

I lost my close friend Corinne back in March this year to bowel cancer unfortunately at such a young age… (36). I decided to fundraise on such an important cause as I know so many people who have come up to me since my friends passing on the affect's they’ve also had by this cancer too. ⁠

If I can bring some awareness to the younger generations and remind everyone to get checked if something isn’t right, then it’s a win for me.⁠

Running is more meaningful when you have all the support, love and encouragement behind you!” ~ Emma.

If you were inspired by Emma's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a sporting event, check out our Activities & Events Calendar or get in touch with us through our webform.