"I ran the Sydney Marathon in memory of our friend Sam Lee, who at 38 was taken way too soon as a result of bowel cancer.

Discussing Sam's story with friends has prompted several people I know to have checkups on symptoms that have resulted in some close calls (e.g. abnormities detected and removed).

Some of these symptoms can be easily dismissed and explained with changes in our day to day lives, but can also be associated with bowel cancer e.g. weight loss, a change in bowel movements, blood, back pain, abdominal pain etc..

This is a cancer that is impacting more people of a younger age, with calls to lower the testing age (currently 50 in Australia) and get more access to screening and detection methods for younger people.

Throughout my training I often found myself thinking about Sam, the amazing person he was and his wonderful family. It seemed fitting to honour his name in his home city, whilst remembering him, raising funds for Bowel Cancer Australia and increasing awareness on this disease." ~ Andrew.

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