“A little bit about our story and our beloved Stacey.
Stacey aged 27 has three children Jack (6), Charlie (4) and Kahlani (1), and went to her GP (04/01/17) due to stomach, bowel and back pain.
Doctors scheduled a colonoscopy and an endoscopy which put her on the waiting list for three months. During that waiting period the pain increased, which pushed her to the GP again. Stacey was admitted to emergency for a CT scan thinking it was kidney stones (16/03/17). The scan showed Stacey had a 7cm tumour on her bowels which was scheduled to be removed on the (22/03/17).
In theatre, doctors found the tumour had doubled in size, there was cancer nodules in her pelvic tissue and that the tumour had tried to spread through her large intestine cell wall.
The doctors said that this type of cancer is called Signet-Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma. Stacey was at Stage 4, which is primary and secondary.
Stace was a strong loving adventurous person who loved a good challenge. During her chemotherapy she decided she wanted to do something extreme to raise awareness for bowel cancer in young people. She decided she wanted to do the Stadium Stomp - 7700 flights of stairs.
Three days after chemotherapy she powered through all her pain and exhaustion and did it with the family right behind her cheering her on.
The following year she decided we all had to do it again, but sadly in June 2018 Stace had lost her battle to bowel cancer and passed at 29.
The following month, in her memory, we completed the #Stomp4Stacey to help spread awareness that you are never too young to get it and every year since we continue to keep her memory alive and spread the awareness in her honour.
Thank you for reading our story of our beloved Stacey, may she rest in peace. Our warrior.
Here are some photos of us doing the #Stomp4Stacey each year (unfortunately 2020 and 2022 was affected by COVID and wasn’t running).” ~ Carlie.
Supporters in Action Carlie S

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