“I decided to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia through the Canberra Times Fun Run after my "I did Run Melbourne (10km) as a tribute to my Dad who is in the process of beating bowel cancer. Most recently he spent 10 weeks in hospital following a procedure to reverse his ileostomy. Unfortunately, his radiation treatment killed nearby parts of his lower bowel as well as a section of duodenum.
He ended up having 3 surgeries and 2 stays in ICU and still has to visit the hospital 3x or week to receive fluids. Although the ileostomy was reversed, he now has a duodenostomy - but we are all still hopeful that he can have this reversed in the future.
I even rang Dad during the last 500m so he could cross the finish line with me! Thank you Bowel Cancer Australia for everything you do and I hope my small contribution helps." ~ Naomi.

If you were inspired by Naomi's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser, please get in touch with us through our webform.