“Everyone has shown me and my family so much love and support, we wanted to give back in some small way.” ~ Jessie.
Diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer just over one month ago at the age of 35, Jessie Disalvo has been generously designing hats to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.
Since her diagnosis on July 28 Jessie has had an operation to help make her more comfortable and to minimise the pain which she mostly feels in her stomach and back and has recently begun chemotherapy.
A determined, funny and courageous young woman, Jessie is a proud member of the disabled community and an Australian Special Olympics basketball gold medallist.
Daughter to Sue and Passy, sister to Lauren, Rachel, and Madison, and an adored Auntie to her nieces and nephews. Jessie’s family, who are based in Sydney, hope lockdown will end soon so they can give her some more incredible moments.
Just over 18 months ago, Jessie lost her primary carer and best friend, mum Sue, to a rare cancer. Following genetic testing, the family were told that the two cancers were not linked.
Both Sue and Jessie gave every spare moment to their Danceability and Special Olympics communities. Jessie lovingly gives her time and company to her peers and when she was able to would often tag along to basketball training early so she could help the younger kids.

Still processing her bowel cancer journey, Jessie has shown incredible strength and bravery throughout her diagnosis and treatment. In her own words - “It’s okay, I’m scared but I’ll go to heaven to see Mum.”
Our warmest thanks to Jessie and sister Rachel for sharing their family’s story to help raise much-needed awareness that you’re never too young to have bowel cancer, and funds to support the growing number of people impacted by the disease.
If you’d like to support Jessie’s fundraiser visit @Designed.By.Jess on Instagram.
If you were inspired by Jessie’s fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform.
Jessie Disalvo