Diagnosed with ovarian and bowel cancer in 2018, Belinda has been focused on making every moment count with her children ever since.
The 50 year old single mum has two beautiful children, Jake 21 and Maddie 9 years old.
Inspired by her Mum’s diagnosis, and wanting to show support for others in a similar situation, Maddie decided she wanted to help make a difference for a cause that is close to her heart.
Maddie has beautiful long brown hair, and she chose to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia by cutting it off and donating her hair so that it can made into a wig.
“I’m cutting my hair to help people who lose their hair through cancer treatment like my mum did,” said Maddie.
“I’m so proud of her and my son also shaved his head to be bald with me,” added Belinda.
Maddie bravely had 35cm cut off her luscious locks and raised over $4000 for Bowel Cancer Australia.
“I hope that my cancer allows me to be here for many years to come as I would really love to see my daughter finish primary school and would love to see my son get married. But the doctors can’t say how long I have, so for now every moment that we have together is special. As you never know when you might not get the opportunity, so make every moment count,” said Belinda.
If you were inspired by Maddie’s fantastic fundraising efforts and would like to organise your own hair-raising fundraiser read more here.
Grow hair anywhere or cut, colour or shave it off while raising awareness and funds to help beat bowel cancer.
You can join the hair-wagon any time, so what are you waiting for?
Sign up to create a Decembhair fundraiser now.
Read Belinda’s full Bowel Cancer Story here.

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