With her Pa having been diagnosed with bowel cancer, Evie decided she wanted to fundraise for Bowel Cancer Australia to help the charity support the growing number of Australians affected by the disease.

Diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2015, the cancer has now spread to her Pa’s lungs and liver.

“Evie’s Pa (Eddie) has had chemotherapy during this time and countless hospital visits, operations and doctor’s appointments,” said Evie’s mum Louise.

“Eddie is cared for at home, by his wife Ann, where he feels most comfortable and loved - and where he enjoys the company of his dogs Gus and Bea, and visits from many family and friends.”

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“Eddie didn’t do the free bowel cancer kit that was sent to him in the mail and he has said that he is regretful for this decision every day,” Louise added.

Evie raised $508 for Bowel Cancer Australia through her bake sale, to help save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer.

When asked about what inspired her to fundraise for a cause close to her heart, Evie shared in her own words:

“I decided I wanted to help my Pa and others like him by raising money towards Bowel Cancer Australia.”

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“I started preparing months in advance and baked many treats the night before.”

“It was important for me to fundraise for bowel cancer because it would be helping other people in the same situation as my Pa.”

“Fundraising for this cause also meant I was spreading awareness to others about this deadly disease and making a difference.”

Warmest thanks Evie for your support and fabulous fundraising efforts, what a lovely way to support your much-loved Pa.