Australian sports presenter and entrepreneur, Erin Molan joined the Bowel Cancer Australia team as an Ambassador after her sister was diagnosed with the disease.
While a cancer diagnosis sends most people reeling, for Erin, the news that her sister was battling a disease more common in older people made it even more of a shock.
"I had no idea that bowel cancer could affect young women like Sarah.  She was 29 years old and enjoying life with her husband and two little children when she was diagnosed, " said Erin.
Sarah's illness motivated Erin to learn more about bowel cancer herself and encourage others to do the same.
As the face of Australian-owned beauty brand VIXIN, Bowel Cancer Australia is incredibly lucky to have the company’s ongoing support, thanks to Erin’s collaboration.
VIXIN help to raise awareness of Australia’s second deadliest cancer and funds to support the growing number of patients affected, through a donation from every product sold and their much-appreciated Kindness Krates program. Whereby one free gift is sent to a bowel cancer patient or loved one each week, and every day during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.
A sought after and knowledgeable presenter across various television and radio programs, Erin has recently added a new chapter to her career, as an ‘entrepreneur’.
After the birth of her daughter Eliza, Erin was desperate to find an alternative baby singlet, having struggled to get them over her daughter’s head and her arms through.
Speaking to fellow parents, Erin realised the singlet challenge was common and after searching online was unable to find an easier option, so took matters into her own hands and created The Babi Burrito. From which a percentage of profits are donated to Bowel Cancer Australia.
The proud owner of harness racing filly Long Legs Lou, Erin also generously donates the horse’s winnings to the charity.

Warmest thanks for your support Erin!
If you were inspired by Erin’s awareness and fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a company fundraiser or event in your workplace get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.

"Unfortunately, most people don't know enough about bowel cancer although it is the second biggest cancer killer of Australians men and women.  It claims more lives than breast or prostate cancer," Erin added.
Erin's sister is currently well but her experience with bowel cancer has implications for the whole family.  Erin, her parents and siblings will all be signing up for early and regular checks due to the increased risk in family members.
"This is the added bonus of working in the media.  I can use my public profile to spread important messages about bowel cancer so other people might not have to go through what our family has," said Erin.
"Everyone should know the possible signs of bowel cancer so they see their doctor early.  It may be far more common in the over 50s but being young does not make you immune to this cancer.  It's also really important that people aged 50 years and over understand that simple bowel cancer screening tests can save their lives."