Bowel Cancer Australia was excited to partner with charity challenge organisation Inspired Adventures to create a Bowel Cancer Australia team for the inaugural Hike for Health Great Wall of China trek in May 2019.

Visiting one of mankind’s most impressive ancient wonders, The Great Wall of China, the Hike for Health team explored rural Chinese villages and discovered the contrasts of ancient and modern Beijing. Using the challenge to raise funds and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia, helping to save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer.

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Challenging themselves like never before, Kathryn and Jennifer trekked for five days along the Great Wall, through remote villages and rolling farmlands.

Trekking alongside a group of 17 passionate people from three other health charities, our fabulous fundraisers also had the opportunity to form new friendships that will last a lifetime through an incredible shared experience.

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“Back in May we embarked on a little Adventure with Inspired Adventures to do a Hike for Health.  The chosen destination - the Great Wall of China.  Our chosen charity - Bowel Cancer Australia.  A charity close to our hearts through our own personal experiences with bowel cancer.”

“Of our 10-day itinerary we spent 5 days trekking, walking, and climbing sections of the Great Wall.  The other days were spent exploring Beijing - its many ancient sites and the surrounding area.”

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“We had the pleasure of spending our time alongside 17 other fellow hikers/adventurers, our fabulous team leader Justine, and our incredible tour guide Luis.  Not to forget the plush sequinned poo emoji cushion named Bristol (#sisterhoodofthetravellingpoo) and two cheeky monkeys, who also accompanied us.  Suffice to say it was an incredible group of like-minded people, and a truly inspiring and memorable experience!!  All while raising funds and awareness for Bowel Cancer Australia.”

“We trekked some 125 000 steps, 550 flights (climbed) and 80km during our adventure.  And managed to survive without google and social media!  The scenery was amazing!! We will let the photos do the talking.  But if you ever needed an excuse to fundraise and travel, check it out.  Highly recommend it!!  More pics can also be found on the Name My Unicorn Facebook page.”

Bowel Cancer Australia’s Hike for Health team collectively raised $19,650 to support Australia’s leading community-funded charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment and care for everyone affected by bowel cancer. Thank you all for your incredible efforts!

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We are inviting you to join us on an incredible adventure in Cambodia.

If you were inspired by Kathryn and Jennifer’s Hike for Health and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia as part of an exciting overseas adventure, you’re in luck! We’ll soon be launching our next challenge in Cambodia. To register your interest or chat to us about your own fundraising idea get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.

Photo Credits:
Day One on the Wall - Taipingazhai to Huangyaguan.  Flexing for the camera.

Group photo - such an amazing, like-minded, inspiring group of people.  Fellow hikers from Bowel Cancer New Zealand, Harry Perkins Institute and the Charlies Foundation for Research.

Day Six - Mutianya Great Wall. Highlight - toboggan ride!!  And although we didn’t quite make the last tower, we gave it a go!

Eastern Qing Tombs.  

Day One on the Wall - Taipingazhai to Huangyaguan.  Such a beautiful section of the wall!  Plenty of photo opportunities (And…  Great excuse to stop to catch your breath too!!).

Day One - pre commencement of walk.  Sign translates to something along the lines of…  "You are not a true man if you did not reach the Great Wall"

Striking a cheeky pose with our sexy Bowel Cancer Australia bum shorts, along with bum pinches Steve from Bowel Cancer New Zealand and our team leader Justine.

Day Five - Jinshanling section of the Great Wall.  Another amazingly scenic and photographic section.  The section also best known for the ‘Sky Ladder’ - which required some motivational music - cue Eye of the Tiger!

Another awareness ribbon (or 2) at the Summer Palace.