Troy is a frequent ultramarathon runner, but this year he chose to run for a cause close to his heart.

“When I’ve run ultramarathons in the past my family and friends have asked why and what was I raising money for – I was doing it as a personal challenge. But this year I decided to use this event as a fundraiser for Bowel Cancer Australia, in honour of my brother Jason.”

“My brother Jason was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer when he was 45 and lost his fight last October aged 47. He was the perfect example of the importance of listening to your body because he initially ignored his symptoms, and this ultimately cost him his life,” said Troy.

“I have always enjoyed ultramarathons, but due to Covid-19 lots of events were cancelled. My local running club, Terrigal Trotters, organised an ultramarathon – each participant ran 6.71km every hour on the hour, with the last one left declared the winner. I ran for 25 hours, totalling 168km, or just over 100 miles, and I was the last one standing.”

“I am proud to report over $3,500 has been donated to Bowel Cancer Australia, which I hope will help the organisation in its goal of educating people about the importance of early detection #checkyourshit,” Troy added.

If you were inspired by Troy's story and would like to take part in a sporting challenge as a fun way to raise awareness that you're never too young to have bowel cancer and much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia, check out our Events and Activities Calendar or get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.