Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador
A familiar face to many as the long-standing national medical reporter for ABC, Sophie Scott understands a lot about staying healthy.
Her health and medical reporting is broadcast regularly on ABC TV news and current affairs programs, on radio and online. She has won numerous awards for excellence in health reporting and is also the author of Live a Longer Life and Roadtesting Happiness.
Bowel Cancer Australia is very pleased to have Sophie's support for a number of our awareness campaigns in particular, those promoting bowel cancer screening.
Sophie very kindly participated in the Join the Bowel Movement campaign during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2013 and the Don't Be A Fool, Test Your Stool TV and radio commercials in 2014.
She is again on board for the Don't Wait Until It's Too Late bowel cancer screening awareness campaign in 2015.
Like many Bowel Cancer Australia supporters, Sophie has a personal reason for encouraging people to screen for bowel cancer.
"My grandmother had bowel cancer, so it's an issue that is close to my heart."
"I am very happy to be part of these campaigns. As the national medical reporter for ABC, I understand how important screening is to help prevent bowel cancer or to pick up the early stages of bowel cancer," she said.
Sophie is also a highly respected and sought after speaker and MC and is a member of the advisory board for the Australian Medical Association's (NSW) Charitable Foundation.