“4th December 2015 a call that changed our lives forever, the shaky voice of my sister and best friend on the other end with the heart-breaking news.

‘I have Stage 4 bowel cancer, it has spread to my lungs and liver, its terminal, I love you.’

Angela Mary Hodge my amazingly strong, loving and ever thoughtful sister fought this disease with courage and determination. Not just for extra time with her husband, young son and close family and friends but also for her patients she cared for as a midwife and registered nurse. Ange had so much knowledge and love to give on a limited timeline.

She made sure everyone was ‘ok’ while she was hooked up to chemo and being buzzed with radiation knowing that it was us who will be left heart broken. She had personalised timber boxes made for all of us with handwritten letters, mementos, and gifts to cherish.

August 16th 2017 at the youthful age of 32 our Ange grew her wings in the peace and comfort of our family home. Holding hands and silently sobbing, a part of us was taken that day too.

We treated our time together as a precious gift, ticking off her bucket list and seeing that smile and hearing her infectious laugh. We created memories for her husband Kevin, young son Cooper, my children, my parents, my wife and I. Kevin and Cooper travelled Australia promoting bowel cancer awareness for young mothers and still are now ticking off her bucket list.

She wanted to never be forgotten and she never will, this year we will celebrate her 37th birthday with cake and champagne, laughter, and games.

Over the years I have fundraised for Bowel Cancer Australia but this year I took part in Dry July and City2Surf which Ange had asked me to do for her. I raised over $6,000 this year so far in hopes that awareness, prevention, and cure is available to those in need, so our story isn’t others story too.” ~ Aaron.

If you were inspired by Aaron's fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform visit our Dry July webpage