Losing her father, Graham, to bowel cancer at the age of 54, Lara Worthington has been a passionate supporter of Bowel Cancer Australia ever since.

Helping to raise awareness about the importance of early detection for this largely treatable and beatable disease.

Having been an Ambassador for the charity for many years, Lara also now supports Bowel Cancer Australia through her skincare company Share The Base.

Share The Base (formerly, The Base) released its innovative skincare formula, the cosmetic-skincare hybrid LB Cream, in 2014 and launched as a not-for-profit enterprise in 2019.

“Our beloved LB Cream is a simple, modern solution for both beauty and skincare that works wonders for all skin types and tones. However, it is our belief that the birthplace of healthy skin, is a healthy heart and mind — and what better way to nourish that than through the gesture of giving to others,” says Lara. ⠀

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Share The Base is proud to donate 100% of its net proceeds to three carefully selected Australian charity partners, including Bowel Cancer Australia. With each customer given the opportunity to choose which of the three charities to support through their purchase.

"This is a cause very close to my own heart, and I know, close to so many. Share The Base supports Bowel Cancer Australia on behalf of my father, who lost his battle with bowel cancer in 2008, I was 21."

“It is with hope that through this model of thoughtfulness, we can all feel inspired to open our hearts - as there has never been a more important time to give your share,” Lara adds.

Warmest thanks for your support Share The Base and Lara!
If you were inspired by Lara’s fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a company fundraiser or event in your workplace get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.

One of Australia's most successful models, Lara Worthington, has her sights set on tackling Australia's second deadliest cancer, as an Ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia.
"Dad may still have been alive today if his cancer had been detected and treated earlier" she said.

Lara's dad had no obvious bowel cancer symptoms. In fact, he lived with the disease for almost two years without even knowing it.

"I hope that by sharing my experience and letting people know what my dad went through may help save lives."

"While most people my age don't think about bowel cancer, it is important they know their family's health history and talk to their parents about their bowel cancer risk, particularly if they're 50 or over."

"My dad was a landscaper by trade. He had an active, healthy lifestyle and a passion for surfing, which he enjoyed almost every day."

Lara said she will always cherish the surf trips to Byron Bay with her dad during her childhood.

"Like most men, dad rarely went to the doctor. It was actually my mother who persuaded him to go because he had a cough."

When he was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread from his bowel to his liver. He then underwent surgery and treatment for the disease.

"If you had seen him out and about, you wouldn't have known he was ill.

"After his diagnosis, I learned to take each day as it comes and spent as much time with him as possible."

"My dad was loved by so many people and the way he made people laugh, his kindness and thoughtfulness will always be in our hearts"
"Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia is a very personal way of honouring his memory."