“We lost our colleague, Marcus Champion, to bowel cancer in 2018 at the age of 35. Marcus was a much-loved PE teacher at Carnegie Primary School.

He brought the best out in everyone; his friends, his students, his personal training group, his colleagues, his wife, his two young daughters and pretty much anyone who had the privilege of spending time with him.

On Saturday mornings he would run his Elwood Park Run on his own, usually 5 or 10km, before taking his PT group. In 2019 we started Champs' Elwood Parkrun. A 5km run along the beach to celebrate his life and birthday, while raising money for Bowel Cancer Australia. His birthday is on ANZAC Day and we run this event in the afternoon of the 24th.

In the inaugural event in 2019 we raised $4,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia. Unfortunately, our 2020 event didn't go ahead due to COVID. In 2021 we were back and raised $7,609.

This year we had 171 registered runners and raised another $7,297 for Bowel Cancer Australia.

Our course record was smashed by a whopping 1 min and 16 seconds, with David Hickox running an astonishing 17:30 for the 5km.

Champs was a big fan of having 'arms out moments', a time to stop, reflect, put your arms out wide and enjoy the special moments in life. So we make sure we take an 'arms out moment' photo at the completion of every event.” ~ Josh.

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