Pentana Solutions hosted a morning tea during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of Australia’s second deadliest cancer and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“One employee made little poo biscuits to try and aid the importance of checking your bowel motions. They looked terrible, tasted delicious but most importantly helped to get people talking about that awkward topic of conversation,” said event organiser Laura.

“We have had many people within our office who have been affected by bowel cancer either personally or through a loved one, which is why this day was so important for all staff at Pentana Solutions,” she added.

“We would like to thank Bowel Cancer Australia for the opportunity to help support the charity,” said Laura.

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If you were inspired by Pentana Solutions fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a fundraising event in your workplace get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.