Alison turned 50 this year and to celebrate she has set herself the challenge of running 50 kilometres solo at the Surf Coast Century Ultramarathon in Victoria to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia.

“I lost my Dad to bowel cancer in 2004 aged 66, we were living in the UK at the time but ironically when we were told the news we were on a long holiday travelling around Australia.”

“11 years after my Dad, in 2015 my Mum was also diagnosed with bowel cancer. Obviously, having had both parents diagnosed with the disease, I am at a greater risk and I ensure I am having regular check-ups.”

“In 2006 we moved to Australia and after having my boys I took up running.  I migrated from the road to running trails, and absolutely loved it.  Being out in nature, in the elements, it makes you feel alive,” said Alison.

“I managed to convince my friend Kim to join me and we had been training hard, each week leaving early in the morning whilst it was still dark, hitting the trails, doing as much hill work as possible.”

“But of course, 2020 had other ideas, in the first lockdown we were able to continue training even though some of it was on the pavement. As we could not travel.”

“But lockdown #2 has brought other problems. One hour of exercise a day within 5km meant no trails and no long runs.”

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“The Surf Coast Century has been delayed until December, but it is still uncertain.  It will also mean going from 10km on the pavement to 50km on the trail in three months. Obviously, we need to seriously consider this in relation to being prepared and not getting injured.”

“One thing is sure though, the training continues and if not this year then next year I will complete the 50k. The extra time will only mean more fundraising,” Alison added.

“I have an Instagram account 50kfor50 where I post regular updates to keep track of our progress and make sure we don’t slacken off! Please jump onto the page if you would like to help me raise funds, awareness and celebrate with me in this special way,” added Alison.

The team at Bowel Cancer Australia wish Alison and Kim all the best of luck.

If you were inspired by Alison's story and would like to take part in a sporting challenge as a fun way to raise awareness and much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia, get in touch with us on 02 9923 8269 or through our webform.