“On the 14th of January 2020, I lost my best friend, father of my children, husband and idol to bowel cancer. Tony was 40 years old when he was diagnosed. Fit and full of life and love for flying, his family and friends. We never expected that what we thought to be food poisoning, or Crohn’s Disease, could actually end up being the other “C” word. Cancer. Stage 4 bowel cancer. Three years on and it’s still so hard to imagine this journey gets any easier.

‘Tee off for T’ is held in November of each year since his passing in honour of Tony and to raise awareness of this cruel disease and funds for Bowel Cancer Australia. Sadly, you are never too young! We hope that increased awareness may prevent other families suffering the heartache we continue to feel and that all funds raised, can ensure Bowel Cancer Australia continue the vital work they do.

The event has become such an important part of our families’ journey in so many ways. Primarily, honouring Tony and remembering what an amazing man he was and also contributing to a cause much bigger than ourselves and our family. That is preventing other families feeling heartache and loss at the hand of this cruel disease. We are so proud of what this event has become. We are proud of what we have raised and contributed to Bowel Cancer Australia and proud that on this day, we take a moment to remember who is missing from our lives and remind Tony’s family that no matter what time passes, he will never be forgotten.

The success of this event, a reminder to Tony’s two kids Lyla and Beau, just how special dad was to a community of people, some of whom they will not have even met. He made his mark, and now we will make sure it lives on.” Sally and the Hosken Family.

If you were inspired by the golf day fundraising activities and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform