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There are many types of fibre in food, soluble, insoluble, and resistant starches. Most fibre is found in seeds, legumes, and grains.
Consuming wholegrains and foods containing dietary fibre can decrease the risk of bowel cancer. Eating more fibre can also help maintain a healthy weight, prevent some diseases, keep you full and reduce cholesterol. 
A high fibre diet increases stool bulk which stimulates the bowel muscles to move, helping to reduce transit time of stool in the bowel. However, high fibre diets may not be suitable after surgery, and in some bowel conditions (see low fibre diet). One myth is that fruit and vegetables contain high levels of fibre. Some fruit and vegetables have very low fibre content.  

Making things easier and providing practical support is important to our Bowel Care Nutritionist, Teresa, so check out these helpful high fibre recipes to take the guess work out of cooking the high fibre way.

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