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Bowel Cancer Awareness

Bowel Cancer Australia raises community awareness and understanding of bowel cancer as well as promoting the importance of early detection in the successful treatment of the disease. 
Bowel Cancer Australia's chief executive Mr Julien Wiggins said awareness underpins the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that can help protect people from this all too common disease. 
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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is an annual initiative of Bowel Cancer Australia running throughout the month of June (1-30), to raise public awareness of a disease that claims the lives of 77 Australians every week.
Bowel cancer is the second most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia affecting both men and women almost equally and is Australia's second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer.
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Red Apple Day

A highlight of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is Red Apple Day (the third Wednesday in June each year), where Australians are encouraged to support the vital work of Bowel Cancer Australia through the purchase of a Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon and apple themed fundraising events.
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Bowel Cancer Awareness Packs

Share the importance of bowel cancer awareness in your workplace, with your community group, at events or amongst your friends.
Don't be embarrassed about showing off our posters and brochures – awareness saves lives!
Bowel Cancer Australia's Free Awareness Packs come in a variety of sizes.
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Prevent Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer Australia's annual public awareness campaign is aimed at raising awareness of bowel cancer and encouraging more Australian's to screen for the disease.
Bowel cancer is Australia's second biggest cancer killer.
It affects men and women, young and old, and regardless of family history, from age 50, all Australians are at increased risk.
Bowel cancer often develops without any warning signs so... don't wait until it's too late!
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Decembeard Australia®

Now in its third year down under, December is Decembeard for Bowel Cancer Australia.
A hair–raising fundraiser held during the month of December (1-31 December), Decembeard encourages REAL men to grow a beard in the final month of the year to raise awareness and much needed funds for bowel cancer.
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Kick Bowel Cancer

A new campaign to increase bowel cancer awareness shows that when it comes to important health issues, we're all on the same team.
The NRL Kick Bowel Cancer campaign, featuring current and former greats from clubs including the Raiders, Rabbitohs and Knights, will run nationally throughout 2015. 
Bowel Cancer Australia chief executive Mr Julien Wiggins welcomed the NRL's support which builds on an enduring relationship between the charity and the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles.
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You're Never Too Young

You have bowel cancer - four words you don't expect to hear when you're young. Yet each year over 1,000 young Australians do.
It is a common misconception that bowel cancer is 'an old person's disease', but the reality is that you should never be told that you are too young to have bowel cancer.
Although a large majority of newly diagnosed bowel cancer cases occur in people aged 50 years and over, around 1 in 14 Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer are under the age of 50.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Dont Sit On Your Symptoms 770

Don't Sit On Your Symptoms

Millions of patients visiting GP surgeries and health clinics around the country will have the opportunity to learn how to recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer with our brochure Don't Sit on Your Symptoms.
It is available in patient information boards in thousands of doctors' waiting rooms from Perth to Sydney and from Geelong to the Gold Coast.
Bowel Cancer Australia chief executive Mr Julien Wiggins said GP waiting rooms were an ideal location to reinforce bowel cancer awareness and start a conversation with your doctor.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Dont Be A Fool 770

Don't Be A Fool.  Test Your Stool!

Keep a look out for eye-catching advertising across the country in the lead up to Australia's newest bowel cancer awareness and screening campaign "Don't Be A Fool, Test Your Stool."
Bowel Cancer Australia and Let's Beat Bowel Cancer collaborate in an annual public awareness campaign which launches in February each year, aimed at raising awareness of bowel cancer and encouraging more Australian's to screen for the disease.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Do you have the guts 770

Do you have the guts?

Bowel cancer awareness ambassadors Geoff Jowett and Chris Heighington are fronting a new awareness campaign that challenges Aussies to screen for bowel cancer.
The Bowel Cancer Screening Challenge: Do You Have The Guts? campaign running in community pharmacies also encourages those who take up the challenge to spread the word about screening to their mates and loved ones.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Join The Bowel Movement 770

Join the Bowel Movement

Bowel Cancer Australia is calling for Australians to move their bottoms to the top of their priority list and join a movement that won't cost anything but could save lives.
Bowel cancer is a disease which can be treated successfully in 90% of cases, if detected early.
Unfortunately, community awareness of bowel cancer is relatively low when compared to other common cancers. Symptoms are often mistakenly attributed to other causes, risk factors are under-recognised and screening opportunities are commonly ignored.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Love My Family 770new

Love My Family

One of Australia's most successful models, Lara Bingle, has set her sights on tackling Australia's second biggest cancer killer, working closely with Bowel Cancer Australia, as an Ambassador.
Losing her father, Graham, at a relatively young age to bowel cancer, Lara has chosen to do what she can to raise awareness about early detection of what is a preventable and curable disease.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Behind Closed Doors 770

Don't Hide Your Symptoms

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month seeks to open the conversation on a disease that many people don't want to talk about - and what better place to start talking about bowel cancer than behind the toilet doors at your local shopping centre?
In order to get people talking we've organised 'Don't Hide Your Symptoms Behind Closed Doors' posters in the loos at major shopping centres around Australia.
You might like to pass on the message to a friend or family member with a whisper under the cubicle door. Your might like to talk to your family doctor – especially if you have any concerns.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Awareness Its crunch time 770new

It's Crunch Time™

The It's Crunch Time™ campaign, an initiative of the Bowel Cancer Australia, promoted participation by eligible Australians in Phase I and II of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.
The campaign featured Max Walker and was launched by the then Minister for Health and Ageing, the Hon Tony Abbott MP.
The aim of the the It's Crunch Time™ campaign was to raise awareness of the major risk of bowel cancer and its prevention through early detection.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Atlas

Since 2009, Bowel Cancer Australia has been mapping bowel cancer data to a Local Government Area (LGA) level to help empower local communities in focusing attention on health behaviours that can be improved to reduce bowel cancer risk.
The Bowel Cancer Australia Atlas includes data on a number of bowel cancer risk factors such as smoking, high alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes, which is now increasingly recognised as an independent risk factor for bowel cancer.
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