As a family, we accepted the World Cancer Day 5K Challenge. Walking 5km around the picturesque coastline of Port Macquarie on Saturday 4th February to raise important awareness that is early-onset of bowel cancer.

With our own recent devastating news, we’ve become so passionate about urgently spreading the word about the increasing diagnosis of advanced bowel cancer in young people, not only in Australia but around the world.

A much loved and adored 38-year-old husband, father, son, friend and local Anaesthetist. We were completely blindsided when Mitch was told he had Stage IV bowel cancer last December, with metastasis throughout his liver. Even though a doctor himself, you just never expect at 38-year-old to have to suddenly confront your mortality, whilst thinking about if you’ll have the chance to watch your 8-year-old twins grow up.

We want to say a HUGE thank you (which doesn’t seem enough!) for the incredible turnout of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to walk 5km with us. Estimated over 100 walkers and many more in spirit that couldn’t be there for various reasons…we’re just so appreciative and humbled by your kindness, love and support.

Mitch was ‘fresh’ from round 4 of chemotherapy (he finished the day before!), but he was so pumped to complete the challenge alongside of his very proud family. Mitch was a trooper and smashed the 5km, made much easier by the distraction of conversations along the way.

Raising more than $10,000 for Bowel Cancer Australia and their #Never2Young campaign. With so many people in need it isn’t just the Lawrence’s and Bowel Cancer Australia thanking you, but millions of people.

If you were inspired by Mitch & Laney's amazing fundraising efforts and would like to support Bowel Cancer Australia through a community fundraiser get in touch with us through our webform