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Bowel Cancer Research

Bowel Cancer Australia funds research as it is the only way to discover a cure for bowel cancer.
Bowel Cancer Australia, collaboratively with funding partners, has funded $9.8 million in bowel cancer research projects, including expansion of Australia's research capacity through perpetual funding of the Lawrence Penn Chair in Bowel Cancer Research at the University of Sydney.
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Bowel Cancer Research Foundation

Bowel cancer has the second highest mortality rate and second highest disease burden of any cancer in Australia.
To address the inequity in research funding, Bowel Cancer Australia established the Bowel Cancer Research Foundation.
The Foundation funds research into the causes, prevention and treatment of bowel cancer to benefit us all in the future.
While Bowel Cancer Australia is here today supporting, informing and caring for people affected by the disease.
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Chair in Bowel Cancer Research

Bowel Cancer Australia plans to expand Australia's capacity for bowel cancer research through the establishment of an endowed chair in bowel cancer research.
Bowel Cancer Australia intends to recruit an expert with a world class record in research and/or clinical practice.  The position will help to attract and retain some of the best and brightest clinical scientists, researchers, physicians and surgeons from around the world to work with the chair.
To be located at the University of Sydney's Northern Clinical School, the chair will build upon existing research expertise in bowel cancer.
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Bowel Cancer Australia Research Chair in Bowel Cancer Research

Game Changer for Bowel Cancer Research

Researching a cure for Australia's second biggest cancer killer is to receive a major boost with $8.9 million to establish a professorial chair in bowel cancer research at the University of Sydney.
The majority of funding comes from national charity Bowel Cancer Australia which has committed $5.9 million to establish the position and will be supported by additional funds of $3 million available to the University to advance research into bowel cancer.
Bowel Cancer Australia chairman Brian McFadyen said that the establishment of the chair at the University of Sydney was the culmination of many years of effort by the Bowel Cancer Australia Board.
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Bowel cancer research has been given a major boost with an international study, involving Australia, being awarded funding to investigate the topical area of aspirin and bowel cancer.
The ASCOLT study is one of the successful recipients of Cancer Australia's Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) with funding coming from Bowel Cancer Australia and Cancer Australia.
ASCOLT provides the opportunity to determine if this relatively cheap and easily accessible medication can reduce the recurrence of bowel cancer and improve survival after surgery.
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Clinical & Treatment Trials

Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies designed to look at very specific aspects of a single treatment, or to compare the effectiveness of several different treatments, to establish what is effective in treating a particular disease.
They might be testing new medicines or treatment, or they might be looking at new ways of using current or older treatments to make them work better, or for different types of problems.
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Research Publications

A selection of research publications by Bowel Cancer Australia's affiliated doctors and researchers. 
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Bowel Cancer Australia Community Research

Community Awareness & Understanding of Bowel Cancer

Since 2004, Bowel Cancer Australia has commissioned community and patient research to track our awareness efforts and determine where we need to focus our advocacy, awareness and support activities.

Bowel Cancer Australia's Community Awareness and Understanding of Bowel Cancer surveys have been conducted in 2004, 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

As the risk of bowel cancer increases sharply with age, all surveys pre-2015 involved Australian men and women from age 40.

In recognition of bowel cancer in younger people, we opened up our survey in 2015 to Australians aged 20-49 years old.
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Bowel Cancer Research - Towards a National Cancer Research Plan

The Cancer Research Leadership Forum (CRLF) is an alliance of the national community-supported organisations that are the major non-government funders of cancer research in Australia.
It was formed in 2009 to enhance coordination of investment in research and collaboration between cancer charities. Current members are the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Bowel Cancer Australia, Cancer Council Australia, Cure Cancer Australia Foundation, Leukaemia Foundation, Melanoma Institute Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
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My Cancer. My Voice. 

Bowel Cancer Australia is calling on the Federal Government to urgently address concerning inequities in support and access to life-extending treatments for Australia's second deadliest cancer.
The call comes in the wake of results from the first national patient survey of its kind, released to mark the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June 2014, which shows Aussies with bowel cancer feel like they have the 'wrong cancer' due to lack of dedicated support services and low awareness.
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Bowel Cancer Australia ICHOM

Inaugural global standard in bowel cancer patient care

Bowel cancer patients are one step closer to a world-first standard in care thanks to an international collaboration between Bowel Cancer Australia and the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).
Bowel Cancer Australia's sponsorship will support the ICHOM Colorectal Cancer Working Group, which brings together an international team, including Australian health professionals, clinicians and patients, to help establish the global standard.
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Bowel Cancer Australia 770x450 Bernard Salt Report

8 million Australians in the Crosshairs of Colorectal Cancer

A new report released today by well-known social demographer Bernard Salt reveals by 2026 more than eight million Australians (31 percent of the population), including the entire baby boomer generation and some Generation Xers, will be surging into the bowel (colorectal)-cancer stage of the lifecycle.
Report author Bernard Salt said, “Bowel cancer attacks the middle-aged with progressive lethality, with rates leaping tenfold between the ages 50 and 79.”
“By the end of the coming decade 4.6 million baby boomers and 4 million Gen Xers will be subjected to a bowel cancer lottery, purely because of the age group through which they are passing.”
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