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Bowel Cancer Research

Bowel Cancer Australia is increasing investment to support strategic research which will add to the body of evidence about bowel cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and management.
Bowel Cancer Australia has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to medical research through annual research grants; establishment of the Bowel Cancer Research Foundation; and expansion of Australia's bowel cancer research capacity through perpetual funding of an endowed professorial chair in bowel cancer research at the University of Sydney.
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Bowel Cancer Research Foundation

Bowel cancer has the second highest mortality rate and second highest disease burden of any cancer in Australia.
To address the inequity in research funding, Bowel Cancer Australia established the Bowel Cancer Research Foundation.
The Foundation funds research into the causes, prevention and treatment of bowel cancer to benefit us all in the future.
While Bowel Cancer Australia is here today supporting, informing and caring for people affected by the disease.
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Chair in Bowel Cancer Research

Bowel Cancer Australia plans to expand Australia's capacity for bowel cancer research through the establishment of an endowed chair in bowel cancer research.
Bowel Cancer Australia intends to recruit an expert with a world class record in research and/or clinical practice.  The position will help to attract and retain some of the best and brightest clinical scientists, researchers, physicians and surgeons from around the world to work with the chair.
To be located at the University of Sydney's Northern Clinical School, the chair will build upon existing research expertise in bowel cancer.
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Research Grants Program

The contribution of medical research towards reducing the impact of bowel cancer cannot be underestimated.
Research improves understanding of the disease and drives evidence-based prevention, detection and management strategies.
Supporting medical research is therefore an important aspect of Bowel Cancer Australia's mission.
Bowel Cancer Australia has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to current medical research through annual project grants.
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Bowel cancer research has been given a major boost with an international study, involving Australia, being awarded funding to investigate the topical area of aspirin and bowel cancer.
The ASCOLT study is one of the successful recipients of Cancer Australia's Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) with funding coming from Bowel Cancer Australia and Cancer Australia.
ASCOLT provides the opportunity to determine if this relatively cheap and easily accessible medication can reduce the recurrence of bowel cancer and improve survival after surgery.
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Clinical & Treatment Trials

Clinical trials are carefully controlled research studies designed to look at very specific aspects of a single treatment, or to compare the effectiveness of several different treatments, to establish what is effective in treating a particular disease.
They might be testing new medicines or treatment, or they might be looking at new ways of using current or older treatments to make them work better, or for different types of problems.
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Research Publications

A selection of research publications by Bowel Cancer Australia's affiliated doctors and researchers. 
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Register 4 was launched in October 2010 with one simple aim - to help researchers spend less time and money on recruiting participants for their projects, so they can spend more time delivering greater health benefits from cancer research.
It's national, it's online and it's for men and women who volunteer their time to participate in approved cancer research.
An initiative by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it only takes 3 minutes to join and it's absolutely free. And of course, members' details are kept completely secure, private and confidential.
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