Fundraising to support the vital work of Bowel Cancer Australia
A highlight of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is Red Apple Day (Wednesday, 22nd June 2016), when Australians are encouraged to support the vital work of Bowel Cancer Australia through the purchase of a Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon and apple themed fundraising activities.
For further information visit Bowel Cancer Australia's Red Apple Day website.

The story of Bowel Cancer Australia's Red Apple logo and Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Our apple symbolises our bowel cancer message.
The outline of the apple logo appears as an abstract of a human colon.
The small hole in the apple is caused by a worm.  If detected early and removed, the worm is unable to continue affecting the apple or the health of the tree.
It's the same with people.  If bowel cancer is detected early it can be treated successfully and people can continue to enjoy life.
Apples are also a nutritious source of dietary fibre.
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Support Red Apple Day 
Red Apple Pins and Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons can be purchased from the Bowel Cancer Australia online store.
Like to sell Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons for Red Apple Day? Visit the Red Apple Day:Sell Apple Pins webpage.
For details on hosting a Red Apple Day fundraising event visit the Planning Your Fundraiser webpage.
Got a general question about Red Apple Day? Contact us using the Bowel Cancer Awareness Month online enquiry form.

Red Aussie Apple Challenge
Aussie Apples and Bowel Cancer Australia are calling on you to join the Red Aussie Apple Month Challenge!
June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Aussie Apples is supporting us again by encouraging Australians to eat an Aussie Apple a day and raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.
  1. Pick a team of apple-eaters at your school, work or home
  2. Sign up for the Red Aussie Apple Month Challenge at -
  3. Create a Red Aussie Apple Month Challenge fundraising page at -
  4. Start crunching!
Click here for more information on Red Aussie Apple Challenge
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