Bowel Cancer Australia’s bold campaign “Give a $#*! about your bowel” has again been recognised for excellence - this time at the 2019 ADMA Creativity & Effectiveness Awards (AC&Es)

In addition, the campaign was included in a very short list of finalists for the AC&E’s biggest prize of the year, the Grand Prix award. 

The AC&Es are the industry’s most prestigious awards celebrating and rewarding the brilliant work of individuals, agencies, and brands, who leverage the power of strategy and creativity to deliver effectiveness.

This is the second major award the campaign has won; it was also a winner at the 2019 Siren Awards.

Created using computer-generated imagery, a transparent human with the voice of UK comedian Bill Bailey talks about how the heart gets all the credit for keeping the body alive but it is the bowel that has to take the trash out every day, and nobody cares.

After the bowel’s monologue, an empty theatre is revealed as the tired voice-over realises “no-one’s even listening”.

The campaign – created in partnership with BWM Dentsu, Dentsu X, and Posterscope – urges Australians to “Give a $#*!’ about bowel cancer.

Famous English comedian Bill Bailey – or “Bill Bowelly” as he is affectionately titled in the ad – played the part of a talking, rather irate bowel.

Adding to the poignancy of Bailey’s brilliant performance was the fact that his own Mum died of bowel cancer, which wasn’t detected early enough.

Bowel cancer is Australia’s second-deadliest cancer so increasing awareness about the disease is essential.

Unlike many other cancers, when detected at its earliest stages 98% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated.

“Often perceived as an older person’s disease, bowel cancer needed a strong voice to cut through the cluttered charity space and make Australians stand up and take this disease seriously – albeit with a humorous edge,” said Stephanie Bansemer-Brown, marketing, and publicity manager at Bowel Cancer Australia.

Billy Bowelly has done just that – reminding Australians ‘it’s time to Give a S#*!’ about your bowel.


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