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A bowel cancer diagnosis, or being told by your doctor that you may have bowel cancer, can come as quite a shock.

You will have many thoughts running through your head and may find it difficult to think clearly; however, it is important to ask questions of your doctor and/or specialist, because the more information you have about bowel cancer, the easier it will be to make informed decisions.


In any given year, 20% of the Australian population is experiencing mental health issues.

Mental Health Week (8-14 October) is the perfect time to have an open discussion about mental health.

In his new book, Running with Cancer, author Doug Limbrick shares how he faced the mental and physical challenges of rectal cancer and how it changed his life.

“Over the years, running has helped me discover some things about myself, and I found that during my time with cancer, running helped me to discover even more,” Doug said.

For Doug, running helped him to deal with his cancer treatment – “to survive, to rehabilitate, to appreciate health and to move on with normal life.”


“I guess like most people, I started out being as positive as I could be,” said Paul who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in March 2015.

“It’s not news you look forward to and I can't really say how I felt at the time – ‘numb’ is a word that comes to mind,” Paul said.


“I felt I coped really well at the time,” said David, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 47, “but I experienced more problems about seven years later.”

"I suffered depression and was forced into medical retirement due to poor bowel control, all of which coincided with my father’s death,” David said.

“I think I just bottled up all my emotions, and it wasn’t until I finally saw my GP that I was encouraged to talk about my experiences.”


Big Bowel visits RAAF Base 

Following its support for Bowel Cancer Australia’s charity initiative Decembeard in 2016, RAAF Base Richmond has been chosen as the final stop of the organisation’s ‘Big Bowel Tour 2017’.

As part of this tour, a colossal bowel exhibit – measuring 7 metres in length and 2.6 metres high – will be on display outside RAAF Base Richmond on Tuesday, October 3, with Defence personnel having an opportunity to walk through.

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