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You have bowel cancer…. Four words you don't expect to hear when you're young.

Yet each year more than 2,100 young Australians do.

It is a common misconception that bowel cancer is 'an old person's disease', but the reality is that you should never be told that you are too young to have bowel cancer.

Your story is unique – just like you. So why not tell the world?

This is your chance to shout it loud and change someone’s life.

Young Survivors Week - the low down

WHAT: An international week dedicated to honouring people like you who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer under the age of 55, and are now living with or beyond bowel cancer. Share photos and stories to raise community awareness of bowel cancer and provide support to young people diagnosed with the disease.

WHEN: Held annually in June each year.

WHY: 1 in 7 Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer are under the age of 55, and that number is growing. We’re not okay with that. You’re not either. Let’s shout it out and shake things up.

WHO: YOU! If you are living with or beyond bowel cancer - you're a Young Survivor. But we’d love if you could get your friends, family and everyone else you know (and maybe even people you don’t) to join in too.

Young Survivors Week - what we need you to do

Young Survivors Week has a different theme each year, and we release a set of free downloadable resources to match.

Snap it –Take a photo of yourself holding up one of our Young Survivors’ Week symptoms signs (which you can download for free throughout the Week). Then email your picture through to us at mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inclusion in our photo collage. We’ll share your photograph on Bowel Cancer Australia’s website and social media throughout Young Survivors Week.

Post it – Keep a copy of your photograph and get ready to share it on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtags #Never2Young and #BowelCancerAustralia during Young Survivors Week.

Share it - Your story is unique and your bowel cancer experience can be a big help to others. As a young survivor, share your story on what symptoms you experienced and what advice you would give others who may be experiencing symptoms suggestive of bowel. To share your Never Too Young story, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “Never Too Young” in the subject line.

Love it - Loved ones are encouraged to get involved and share photos too. We’d love to share photos of friends and family holding up our Young Survivors’ Week’ signs (which they can download for free throughout the Week). For maximum impact it helps if we all share our photographs together. So please do keep your photo handy and wait to post it up online sometime during Young Survivors Week.

The Truth: Young Survivors Week is about you

Your passion and determination help bring young onset bowel cancer to the forefront of the conversation. You have the ability to carry this message to the masses and get people talking.

So please get on board this Young Survivors Week, share your story and advice to other young people, raise funds and encourage others to do the same!

Young Survivors Week is an initiative of the Never Too Young Coalition.

The Never Too Young Coalition was a group of medical professionals, patient advocacy organisations, cancer survivors and caregivers working to educate the public about the growing issue of bowel cancer diagnoses in younger people and reduce the number of late stage young-onset cases.

Founded by the Colon Cancer Alliance, the Coalition brought together likeminded organisations from the United States of America, United Kingdom (Bowel Cancer UK) and Bowel Cancer Australia - with an aim to help address the rise in bowel cancer diagnoses and mortality rates in those younger than 50 years old (young-onset).

The global collaboration had a decisive mission: educating the public that you’re never too young for bowel cancer, the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the world and second leading cause in Australia, and arming people with the resources and tools to incite change.

The Never Too Young Coalition developed such projects as Young Survivors Week, International awareness campaigns, a webinar series and various research studies.

Bowel Cancer Australia is proud to continue Young Survivors Week and champion the Never Too Young cause in Australia.

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