Host a water bottle fundraiser in support of Bowel Cancer Australia
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Bowel Cancer Australia is proud to join with Yarra Valley Water's 'Choose Tap' program to help raise awareness of the benefits of drinking water, particularly when it comes to maintaining a healthy bowel.
Thanks to Yarra Valley Water you can organise your own water bottle fundraiser / drink bottle fundraiser, supporting this great cause, while helping keep your friends, family, colleagues and yourself healthy at the same time. 
How You Can Help 
It is estimated that changes to diet and physical activity could reduce the incidence of bowel cancer by up to 75 per cent.
Water consumption may assist in the reduction of colon cancer in conjunction with other healthy dietary habits, so hosting a water bottle fundraiser and encouraging your family, friends, school mates and colleagues to increase their water intake is a really great idea.
Host a drink bottle fundraiser at your workplace, sporting team, fitness group / gym, school, local community, or any other group you like.

Host a water bottle fundraiser 
Yarra Valley Water's 'Choose Tap' program have kindly expanded their schools program, so individuals and organisations who are fundraising for Bowel Cancer Australia can now also order water bottles and host a water bottle fundraiser.
Like to host your own drink bottle fundraiser? Here's what you need to do next -
1. Got to the 'Choose Tap' website and order your water bottles.
2. Read our Water Bottle Fundraiser: Bowel Cancer Fundraising Guidelines.
3. Complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.
4. We'll then be able to determine what support documentation you may need for your activity, approve your water bottle fundraiser, and provide you with an Sanction to Fundraise letter.

Create an online fundraising page for your water bottle fundraiser
Using the Bowel Cancer Australia Everyday Hero and Go Fundraise websites you can create your own bowel cancer fundraising webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to support your undies fundraiser by making a donation.
Ready to host a drink bottle fundraiser supporting Bowel Cancer Australia now? Simply register you interest by completeing the web form below or by calling us on 02 9923 8269.
Read more about Yarra Valley Water's 'Choose Tap' program and their partnership with Bowel Cancer Australia at Benefits of water for a heathy bowel.
i Shannon J, White E, Shattuck A L, and Porter J D, Relationship of Food Groups and Water Intake to Colon Cancer Risk. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Vol 5, 495-502 Jul 1996.
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