Get tuff against bowel cancer
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Fancy yourself as a super supporter?  Going undercover more your style?  Thanks to a partnership between Bowel Cancer Australia and undergarment brand Tuffys & Tuffetts™ you can organise your own 'undies themed' fundraiser and Get Tuff Against Bowel Cancer.
How You Can Help 
It doesn't take a large stretch to see why bowel cancer and underpants make a great partnership, but the great possibilities it provides for Superheroes and ordinary citizens alike is certainly only limited by one's imagination.
Whether your preference is to wear your undies on the outside or not, an 'underpants theme' provides a fun and eye catching way to raise bowel cancer awareness and funds for this important cause.
From pyjama parties; underpants runs/walks and dress down days; sporting matches; craft projects and all things Super Hero . . . the options are endless! 

Host an Undies Event 
Already have an undies event in mind?

1. Please read our Undies Event: Bowel Cancer Fundraising Guidelines.
2. Complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.
3. We'll then be able to determine what support documentation you may need for your activity, approve your underpants fundraiser, and provide you with a Sanction to Fundraise letter.

Create an online fundraising page for your Undies Event
Using the Bowel Cancer Australia Everyday Hero website you can create your own bowel cancer fundraising webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to support your undies fundraiser by making a donation.

A Gift from Tuffys & Tuffetts™
To help get you started, the lovely people at Tuffys & Tuffetts™ are kindly offering all event organisers the opportunity to receive a free Starter Pack for their event - including two (2) pairs of Tuffetts Underwear and two (2) pairs of Tuffys Underwear.
To receive your free Tuffys & Tuffetts™ starter pack simply sign up to host an "Undies Event" supporting Bowel Cancer, create your online fundraising webpage, and reach $200!
Ready to host an undies event supporting Bowel Cancer Australia now? Simply register you interest by completing the web form below or by calling us on 02 9923 8269.
Read more about Tuffys & Tuffetts™ and their partnership with Bowel Cancer Australia at Undies brand gets 'tuff' against bowel cancer.
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