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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2010 at the age of 31.

My bowel habits had started to change about two years before, including small amounts of blood on the toilet paper, but I had been told earlier that I had a haemorrhoid so I thought that might explain the bleeding. I was also diagnosed with anaemia just before I fell pregnant about a year after; I would later learn that anaemia can be an indicator of bowel cancer.

It wasn’t until two months after giving birth that I went to see my GP about the bleeding, who referred me to a specialist for a sigmoidoscopy. Three weeks after my initial appointment, I was given a colonoscopy and the surgeon who performed it told me they had probably found cancer. Later that week I had an MRI and a CT scan and the diagnosis was confirmed. Thankfully no secondary cancers were found.

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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 72 – just two weeks shy of my 73rd birthday.

I’d experienced a little bit of rectal bleeding, but initially thought it was nothing and would go away. When it didn’t, I visited my GP who recommended a colonoscopy.

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Following on from some personal research into bowel cancer, Holly, Adele and Billy from Tinternvale Primary School decided to support the cause with a community fundraiser.
The entrepreneurial young trio set up a stall selling sweets, fruit and second hand items to the local community, as well as cakes at school, helping to raise much needed funds and awareness for bowel cancer.
Big thanks Holly, Adele and Billy for your fabulous fundraising efforts! Special thanks also to the students, staff and parents of Tinternvale Primary School for your support.
BCA supporter and bowel cancer patient Brian decided something radical was needed to help get the word out about bowel cancer, and what better way to do it than with a vivid green haircut!
An active member of BCA's Love My Family Community, Brian's fundraiser not only focused on raising funds, but also educating people about testing for bowel cancer – holding information sessions at his workplace.
Warmest thanks Brian for your amazing fundraising efforts and for helping to raise bowel cancer awareness. Our very best wishes for your treatment. Read Brian's Real Life Story.
The rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney continued in November as Melbourne launched its very own version of the City2Surf - the Melbourne City2Sea.
The 14km event recorded a sold out field for its first year, among them Bowel Cancer Australia supporter Lissa, running in memory of her Dad.
"The 14km run was no walk in the park for me, but knowing my efforts were contributing to a worthy cause really put some pep in my step." And Lissa's efforts went even further, when the MLC Foundation kindly doubled her fundraising total via their workplace Matched Giving program. Congratulations Lissa and a very warm thank you from all at BCA.
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