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It’s hard not having control and not knowing what is happening.

I first went to my GP in Nov 2011 after a government bowel screen test sent back a positive result for blood in the stools. My GP recommended a colonoscopy, which I had in late February 2012. I was shocked to find out I had rectal cancer. There was no indication and no family history of bowel cancer either.

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I believe it is important for all of us to fight to be healthy. After experiencing years of diarrhoea and stomach pain, Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 55.

After a urinary infection that persisted, Mum’s doctor suggested an ultrasound where ‘masses’ were discovered on her bowels. She was then referred for an abdomen scan.

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"I was originally doing this as a way to show myself that I could still achieve certain things that I had been told I was no longer able to do. As I progressed through all of the hours of training
I found it harder and harder to get through, and realised the only reason I managed to finish the long training sessions was by thinking about my Mum, what she went through after being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and how she fought every inch of the way until she passed away.
Warmest congratulations to Erin and Madison, raising over $8000 through their joint head shave in support of bowel cancer awareness and Bowel Cancer Australia.
When Erin's mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer for the second time, friend Madison suggested the pair do something to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia - go bald for bowel cancer!
And what an amazing job they did. Big thanks Erin, Madison, Judi and the Cobram community for you fabulous fundraising and support, we greatly appreciate it.

I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years, have never smoked and have drank very little alcohol – so to get bowel cancer has been such a rude awakening. I feel I no longer have the security of my health and I worry that the cancer could come back at any time…

I first started feeling something was wrong in January 2008. I suffer from many auto immune problems, including Sjogren’s syndrome which causes irritable bowel type symptoms (this threw my GP off the scent and complicated the situation even more).

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