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On a Saturday night, in September 2011, I was supposed to be out with my friends, but stayed home because I had back pain. I called mum because even though I was 25, when I was in pain I needed my mum. My parents were out on a date night, but came home to take me to the hospital. I had never had random pain, and this was intense. After waiting for ages in the ER waiting room, I wasn’t too sure what was worse, the pain or the movie “Hairspray” blasting from the front of the room. When I finally got seen, they did a blood test to check my kidneys. The test came back clear but showed low haemoglobin levels which caused the doctors some concern, but no explanation for the pain. They then ask me 20 questions about my back – have I lifted something heavy, did I hurt it etc.
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In September 2011 I was feeling unwell and always feeling full even when I wasn’t eating and felt as though I was gaining weight especially around tummy area.
My husband & I had just shifted to Melbourne from Mildura (2010) and we were building a new house. I thought that maybe I was exhausted and stressed.
I started walking again thinking that maybe this would help my mind, but that did not help. I was still feeling full and tummy pains increased.
Published in Bowel Cancer Stories
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