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A new interactive healthcare tool developed in collaboration with Bowel Cancer Australia makes stomas, ostomy surgery and treatment easier to understand by using a swipe-through story format that follows a real patient’s journey.
Addressing the initial confusion following diagnosis and the myriad of challenges faced along the way, the information resource ‘Colostomy Xplained’ allows users to join Robert, as he discovers how to live a life full of possibilities.
“Had the app been available to me, I would have been more aware of the steps to be confronted,” said Robert, on whom the app’s story is based.
Over 42,000 Australians live with a stoma and thousands of people undergo stoma surgery ever year.
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Bowel Cancer Australia welcomes the Federal Government's ongoing commitment to fully implement the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program by 2020.
An additional $29.9 million in funding has been allocated to develop a National Cancer Screening Registry to replace current State and Territory registers for the National Cervical Cancer Screening Program and the current register for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.
The Government will also provide $200,000 over four years from 1 July 2016 for changes to the Stoma Appliance Scheme (the Scheme). The changes will include the listing of four new items on the Scheme, amending the product listings of three current items and deleting two items.
Two items relating to sigmoidoscopy will be removed from the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) as they can be more appropriately claimed under another MBS item number.
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The first time I even knew something was up with mum was the day before my birthday. She called to tell me not to expect any birthday presents, as she had been too unwell to go shopping. This was so unlike her and I knew immediately something must be up.

Poor mum had been in so much pain and not sleeping at night. She finally went to her GP who examined her and was concerned he had felt a mass. A CT Scan was booked on December 7 and a tumour discovered.
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8th July 2014 was one of the biggest days in our lives with the arrival of our new born son... we were settled at home, work was going well and we were happy, having been married for only 10 months.
During the pregnancy, Katie often complained of "women's pain" down low - it was put down to being the usual symptoms of pregnancy such as Hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, following the birth of our boy, the pain failed to subside and the lumps were getting larger. To ensure there were no surprises we decided to get a colonoscopy.
I distinctly remember being with Katie when she awoke from the brief day procedure and the look on the doctor's face - he told us it required a further colonoscopy, which was organized quickly.
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I was diagnosed in October 2014 after seeing my GP about a change in my bowel movements.

Initially I asked for a stool test kit, however my GP wanted me to have a more thorough assessment and referred me to have a colonoscopy, which was organised for the following Wednesday.

When I awoke up from my colonoscopy the doctor told me he needed to speak with me but wanted to wait until I was more awake. I told him I was feeling wide awake so to hit me with the news. That was when I discovered a tumour in my bowel had been found and the specialist believed it was cancerous.
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