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I had just returned from working in the outback when my son pestered me to have a medical check-up as I was carrying a little extra weight from living the good life.

Off I went to my doctor for the usual - prostate, blood pressure, bloods and a general check-up. When I returned to the doctor for the results of the tests, the surgery had a lot of posters up about bowel cancer. After getting the all-clear for test already done, I suggested to my GP that I get a FOB test done as at 58 years old I had not had this test (all free tests where complicated to use). I had not experienced any symptoms but my GP agreed and gave me the appropriate tests.
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I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in January 2014 at age 47. I had first experienced some bleeding and consulted my GP in August 2013 about it. He said it was very common complaint and as I had no risk factors including no family history to come and see him if it didn’t resolve itself in a few months. The bleeding became worse and I also experienced mucus discharge on some occasions and changes in bowel habits with increased frequency.

I was pretty sure everything was OK but just to make sure I took a deep breath and looked on the Bowel Cancer Australia web site. The one thing that really jumped out at me was that 90% of colorectal cancer can be cured if it was caught early enough. I asked myself what percentage I wanted to be in and really it was a no brainer. So I figured if it was cancer and it could be fixed it was best to get that done and not stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away.

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"Whilst I have a way to go before I can say I'm cancer free, I reckon things are looking pretty rosy."
Back in October 2014, I received what I now refer to as my "gift pack" for turning 50 from the Victorian Government.

I decided to visit my GP to discuss the kit in more detail. I had experienced intermittent rectal bleeding along with loose bowel movements so my GP organised a colonoscopy to determine the health of my bowel. During the procedure a low rectal polypoid was discovered and a subsequent biopsy confirmed a cancerous tumour.
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I have had three Melanomas over the last 30 years so getting bowel cancer was not that big a surprise to me, I always felt something else would happen.

After participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and not receiving any letter or notification to say they had received my test, I called the department to see what my results showed. I was informed the test was never received, so I requested another kit and went through the process over again.

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It’s not so long ago I went to the GP and told her about a few concerns I had and the symptoms that I was experiencing, which my GP considered not to be a big deal. The GP thought it was possibly haemorrhoids.

I decided that I could allow myself to be more relieved, seeing as I had expressed my concerns but the GP had predominantly dismissed it being anything serious…. after all.

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